Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Black Dog Star: When in 'Rome'" & more (All is One)

"Synchromysticism is the art of realizing meaningful coincidence
in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."
Jake Kotze

Legends told that Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, twins who were cast into the wilderness to die. But the boys were said to be saved by a she-wolf (S.O.S. she's in disguise) who suckled them. They grew up like savages in the woods...

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more?

 Darling, what'cha gonna do now?
Now that you noticed it all went wrong
I've been, I've been thinking
That you don't know me any more

Don't let the sun be the one to change you baby
I wanna learn how to love, if I'm to know
Cause I wanna go where the people go
Cause I'm forever lost

Darling, what'cha gonna say now?
Now that you noticed it all went wrong
Looks like I'm driving, my friends are all crazy
Oh they suddenly don't know me anymore

Looks like it all went wrong
What am I to do?  

Darling, what'cha gonna do now?
Now that you've noticed

What you gonna do now?
Now that you know

Would you like to know more?

Grant Morrison's must see Speech at Disinfo Con

Fuck, man. I’ll tell you – when I was a kid I read Robert Anton Wilson and all this shit. And here we are, we’re standing here, and we’re talking about this shit, and it’s real.
Okay, I’m pissed.. and in half an hour I’m gonna come up on drugs, so watch for it.
So.. are there any practicing magicians in the audience? Put your hand up if we’ve got any. C’mon, bold! A few. Okay: by the time we’ve finished this, you’re all gonna be practicing magicians. This shit’s easy, right.
I’m like you. Basically: why are we here? Why are we here at this time? What’s this all about?
And by the way, this is a Scottish accent. So reset the filters and pretend it’s Sean Connery talking to you. Okay? Double-oh sheven.
So if you can follow me, I’m just going to talk the way I talk, and fuck you if you don’t understand me.
The deal is this: I’ve been writing this comic for the last six years. And like you, like everybody here, we’re trying to figure: what’s going on? Why do we feel different? Why don’t we fit into this world? Why do we feel as though they’re not telling us the truth?
So I went out and I read Robert Anton Wilson’s books when I was twenty years old – which is twenty years ago now – and I figured “Is this guy bullshitting me? He says we can talk to aliens? We can talk to people from Sirius? Is he talking crap? He says Aleister Crowley’s got methods for contacting alien intelligence and for changing the world; is he talking crap?”
So I did it. And no – he’s not talking crap. And we can all do it.
And this is by way of trying to demolish the counterculture, and replace it with something useful. We’re just gonna start here, and see where we get to.
When I started doing The Invisibles – which is a comic book, for people who haven’t seen the thing; it’s a comic book which was kind of my attempt to explain what happened to me after I’d been abducted by aliens in Kathmandu in 1994. And the only reason I was abducted by aliens in Kathmandu in 1994 is because I *went* to Kathmandu in 1994 to be abducted by aliens.
And it works. And these fuckers… they will turn up!
And what they told me was this, and they tell everyone the same bullshit. But it’s from different perspectives, it’s from different nervous systems; it seems to be filtered through everyone’s own view of the world. But they keep telling us the same shit.
So I met these guys. I’m sitting in the roof garden of the [something] Hotel in Kathmandu. And I was totally, like, doing tons of dope, right. But in my defence, I do like a quarter of dope a day, and I’ve been doing it since 1990. So I know this shit. And as you all know – everyone out there who’s, like, ‘a head’ and knows what I’m talking about knows: you don’t hallucinate. Right? If you go to the garage.. it’s the fucking garage. If you go to the 7-11, it’s the fucking 7-11.
You might be stoned; you might be picking up lots of interesting little bits and pieces that you don’t normally get when you’re straight. But you know what’s real and what’s not real.
So, as I say, in my defence: man, I was loaded.
But this was the end of a week in which I’d been loaded every single day. And I’m sitting up there in the roof garden and suddenly these fuckers arrive, and they arrive en masse. And they look exactly like Terence McKenna described. Why is that? Coz I’d just read Terence McKenna a year before?
What they told me was… they took me out of my body; I wasn’t in my body anymore. This doesn’t normally happen with hash. This happens on DMT, or it happens on, like, Ketamine or something. I’m on hash; a tiny little bit. The size of a lentil. And I start tripping, and I’m out of my body.
And these fuckers are there, and they say: “Where do you want to go?”
The first thing I said was: “Alpha Centauri”. Which is the first thing you would say, of course. And they took me to Alpha Centauri and it was fucking real, and there’s three suns, all moving exactly as we’re told they’re supposed to move astronomically.
And I’m there, and I said to them: “What the hell’s going on?” As you might.
And they said: “We’ve come to tell you this stuff, so you can put it in your work and explain it to the world.” Why do they always say that to everyone? Why do they always tell everyone to go out and tell the world what’s going on, and everyone tells us the same shit?
So these things, I met them. And what they were were, like, silver.. like those things you get in rave videos.. silver, morphing, mercurial blobs of chrome, that think. And they took me to the fifth dimension. And the fifth dimension is outside space and time, and they explained to me what time is all about.
The universe we live in is designed to grow larvae. Right? Believe.. you don’t have to believe me; I’m just setting the story here.
They explained to me that beyond space and time, we have our actual selves. These things that we’re experiencing right now are sections through time. Everyone here is a section through time. But in actual fact, you’re not experiencing your real body. What is your real body? Your real body is a process. It starts when you’re born, and it moves forward until you die. That is you. Seen from outside, that’s what you look like. You look like a gigantic centipede, spread around all the little things that you always do: up and down through your house, up the stairs, down to the store and back – and it’s a centipede, and it’s us. It starts as a little baby and it comes out of your mother’s womb, and it gets bigger.
That is the process in time. Like I said: we’re experiencing sections now, so we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about this. But think of ourselves as processes through time, which is what we actually are.
We all know we were twelve, we all know we were ten years old. But where is that? Point to it. Show me you at ten years old – and yet you were there.
So these things said to me: this is what’s going on. We use time to grow larvae, because outside space and time you can’t grow anything. Because it’s timeless, nothing grows. What you wanna do, if you want to make one of these higher dimensional beings – that’s actually us, already – is that you grow it in time. So you make a universe.
And how you make a universe is: you plug a little part of yourself into the information world that they live in – which is what I seemed to be experiencing; this kind of sea of pure information – and they exist in that, but there is no time. Time is part of that.. but this is the fifth dimension; it’s like: time, space, breadth, depth.. plus.
And they said to me: the universe you live in, the world you’re living in, is a larvae. Every single one of us here is the same thing. There’s no distinction. All we do is.. we don’t understand what we are.
And they explained to me: if you’ve got a two-dimensional field, see; a flat plane, and you stick your hand through it – there’s one hand there, but if you stick your hand through a two-dimensional plane, the two-dimensional entities who live on there, they will see four circles. Right? Four distinct, completely different circles. But no, it’s the one hand.
Every one of us in here is the same fucker. We’re all the same thing, according to these weirdos. And what we are is.. thank you… I’m pleased someone agrees. And what we are is intersections through 4D space-time.
So yeah, I look like this. I stop here. No, I don’t stop here. I’ve been here for, what, five minutes now? Where was that guy who was here five minutes ago? Where is he? Point to him. But he existed; you all saw him. I saw you five minutes ago. Where is that guy?
So this led me into some very strange alleyways.
These things explained to me that.. as I say, the universe is some kind of larval entity. What it does is it proceeds through stages of development.
Now if you think about a foetus in the womb – and there’s a famous phrase that says.. what is it? Phylogeny recapitulates.. y’know, evolution or whatever the fuck it is. Y’know, I forget the good bits.
But it’s the idea that if you’ve got a foetus, it starts off.. like every living thing, it starts as a unicellular entity, it splits.. it becomes a lizard; it becomes a mammal; eventually it becomes a human.
And they said to me: the culture you’re living in is.. understand it this way: phylogeny recapitulates history.
So what we’re actually watching is this thing coming towards self-awareness and coherence in the same way that a foetus does. We haven’t even been born yet. There are no adults on this planet.
There’s not one adult on this planet.
Which explains a lot. It explains why we let fuckers like Bill Clinton bomb the Kosovans. It explains why I let Tony Blair put cameras in the streets... Read more of the Disinfo con transcript here.


Unknown said...

Great post!


CàM said...

That's a fascinating perspective because it makes perfect sense logically and mathematically in general. It also reinforces the 8-circuit model, at least as an initial model for putting in context our greater development to come. It seems that everything is fractal, not only the geometry of nature, but the process of projecting the geometry (both time/development and space), it's so simple. Also a fractal is a mathematical structure that generates duality out of what is essentially a singular structure, as such is allows us to understand how all is one, yet all is also highly variable and infinite in its manifestations. There's the chaos with the overlying order as you pull back or zoom in.