Sunday, September 8, 2013

Interesting trends in Anime

Huge spoilers so the text is in white in case you want to check these series out (do not read the text of any of 'em if you do.) I'm just tying to certain conspiracy reality tunnels. To be able to read all the text easily just ctrl+a to select and highlight all text.

In Full Metal Alchemist, the government is covertly led by demons who are constructing an actual magick circle around the country digging a huge tunnel to eventually sacrifice the entire population in a magick ritual to gain more power. The main demon rose to power after it misled humans into helping it manifest onto our plane, by also sacrificing an entire nation for it. 

In Claymore, human-demon hybrids are bred to combat demons. When the hybrids inevitably revert to complete demon form, they are slaughtered by their collegues before it happens.

In Berserk, a warlord rising to power sacrifices his entire army including his best friends - after they save him from torture and near-death in a dungeon - to become a demon and demon ruler himself, starting a new demonic age.

In Magi - the Labyrinth of Magick, international affairs are steered by a secret organization subverting governments and influencing the population via magick into slaughtering themselves to gain power. One disguises himself as a banker.

In Naruto Shippuuden, huge demons are used to try and bring about the last war and to finally trap the entire world into an illusion-jutsu to ultimately kill everyone and reboot the world.

In Guilty Crown, the government quarantines and kills a ridiculous amount of people more than necessary, and covers it up completely media, to contain a virus from a meteorite. The people fighting the government are labeled as terrorists.

In Hellsing, an ancient organization and rival of the Vatican keeps the most deadly vampire around to obliterate the vampire and demon threat to humans. The Vatican has its own special weapons and agenda.

In One Piece, the world government wipes out an entire country renowned for its archaeology after they learn too much about the world's true history. The void century is a reference to the dark ages from A.D. 400 to A.D 1000. This period of 600 years showed a period where art was lost, literature was scarce and proof of events happening nonexistant. Like the dark ages, the void century does not bear any evidence of what happened during that period of time.

And in Washington...

The NSA can see everything, there is zero transparency concerning black budgets. 
Believe nothing, explore everything.
Have a nice day.

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