Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama-Biden 08: Change you can believe in: War=Peace

Obama has chosen Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate today...

Two uptight arrogant white (:p) guys, I can feel the change already lol...

War = Peace
Freedom = Slavery
Ignorance = Strength

"I am a Zionist, you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist." Joe Biden

Obama & Biden = Obi

"Obie Trice, real name, no gimmicks (hopenosis)."
Obie Trice

"I created a monster, cause nobody wants to see martial law no more, they want hope, Obama's chopped liver." modified Eminem :p


JaySeeEye said...

I hope Obama wins, but, if he doesn't it will be very interesting to observe the thought-processes through which certain people(who have certain belief-systems) transfer their ever-present hostility to McCain. The race is pretty close at this point and I find it interesting the way conspiracy-minded people are so hostile to Obama even though these are the same type of minds that believed/feared that Bush was going to declare Marshall Law, become a dictator, etc. etc, yet these people barely ever voice fears about McCain, who wholeheartedly represents a continuation of Bush's policies into the near future. It seems, to me at least, that certain minds get so enthralled in the process of being skeptical about the possibility of positive change in the world that they resist it as if by a magnetic repulsion when they are encountered by anything that could possibly pass as evidence of its reality.

This reaction is so predictable - Could Obama actually be a force for good - No Way! Too many people like him. If that many people like him, he must secretly be a megalomaniacal asshole. Either that or else he's a puppet of the evil conspiratorial madmen that continue to make the world a fucked up place. If not, then that would mean that I, myself, might actually be capable of effecting positive change(negentropy) upon not just my own life, but also upon the world in which I live out my life. I don't want that kind of responsibility! No, that can't be, because this world is beyond my control, that's why it so messed up - its THEIR fault, you know, those evil luciferian, secret, shifty forces that I am convinced my reality is beholden to. The world sucks, see! I can point out a million ways in which the world sucks, and I can preemptively blame the people that I anticipate will soon be in control(or at least appear to be in control) of that world for making it suck. Yeah - Fuck those guys! Let's overthrow them! Then we'll(I'll) be in control. Oh wait - no, we wouldn't want that, because then people would start doing "research" into the the many ways our fresh, new paradigm represents the secret evil forces that have always controlled this world, only now in a different form.

I think my pointing this out may be annoying to you, but I can't help point out my feelings on such subjects, mostly because I am a fan and I share many of the same interests as you in terms of philosophical speculation, etc. For whatever reason, my mind just doesn't seem to want to fall down(get sucked down?)certain rabbit holes as others who, in similar fashion, seek to "question everything". My mind just can't help but reject that particualr set of answers that seems to grab ahold of many seekers along the path of cognitive exploration. Its not that I haven't explored such directions of thought, I just come out of them with a different opinion, one that tends not to accept the drastic, foreboding sense of reality they tend to impose on people who follow them. Sure, politics is largely show-business, but so, in my opinion, is most conspiracy theory "research".

Dedroidify said...

The reason I ignore McCain is because he has no chance of winning lol. Of course I hope Obama wins too if McCain and Hillary are the only other options, that doesn't change the fact that either three were going to continue that agenda in their own way in the one party system... They've made that clear with their election talk (You've listened to them right?). Politics is a rigged game, I mean I'm tired of talking to people who are still buying this illusion, how much reality censoring can you do? Look at the poor media attention and debate exclusions the other candidates like Paul or Kucinich got.

And I see the same thing again, someone defending Obama in a multiple paragraph post that doesn't contain a single thing to look forward to once Obama becomes president, not one convincing argument as to why I should 'believe'. While using generalized trivial reductionist views of conspiracy reality tunnels that I admit are out there, but I don't necessarily share.

Where do you get this. It's not because so many people like him, but it's because of what he says, his views, his voting record, his ties, his associates (did you not see the other video posted today?), his oil profits, and that he cannot possibly represent 'change you can believe in' which is thé BS slogan in history as it contains no substance whatsoever, if he just goes by the same agenda as the previous puppets did and from what he's said so far he will if you can find them between all the hope-generating metaphors.

If those aren't valid reasons I don't know what are, and to what you hopers are holding on to. All of my objections against Obama have been posted on this blog, if you manage to ignore all of that I have to admire our human reality tunnel shaping.

About the overthrowing, your wild assumptions of that view aside, What I want is to evolve to a way of life beyond this corrupt current system of war, profiting and dumbing down is that too much to ask? Is it not reasonable to question their methods and goals which they have openly stated? I don't see how any new president is going to change that, the political and economic systems of the world need more finetuning, transparancy and compassion and these people of which Obama belongs to the same clubs will never do it because they're profiting too much of it now.

If you have anything to say that defends Obama and what change I can look forward to, I'd love to hear it. I've detected nothing but the usual empty political rethoric in his statements so far though.

Dedroidify said...

Oh right I remember, it was you in fact who posted before all pro-Obama with no arguments why he should be regarded as a positive change again here

Please investigate the man a little and don't censor whatever doesn't fit your reality concerning the Obama.

Unknown said...

I def. don't think it's a done deal that Obama wins...what about 04? never underestimate the American public, or the ability to swindle the elections..

jsut thought I'd say one more reason to not like the Obama ticket--his VP was the man who designed wrote and pushed through the RAVE act--
see here for more: