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Jahwe as Devil/Jesus as Lucifer?

from Azotep, interesting stuff, connected to earlier post. Remember all we're doing, is discussing possibilities:

The "Lord God" says:
"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things (Isaiah 45.7)."

It appears God has a split personality disorder and is at war with its own shadow and reflection? From the beginning of Genesis the message is fucked up, God plays mind games with Adam and Eve and tells "them not eat the fruit or on that day they will die" then puts in a snake to test them, and give them knowlege. God lies and they do not die on that day. When Cain and Able offer sacrifices to God, God likes Ables offering of slaughtered Animal better, and frowns upon Cains fruit and veggies, Cain feeling hurt and takes the and cue kills his brother. Perhaps he thought a Human sacrifice would be a better offer? In Leviticus there is detailed descriptions off how to set up rituals and temples, to the east ( eastern star ) and make all sorts of animal/blood sacrifices, The Scape Goat collectively called "AZAZAEL" or the blame, SATAN.

You/We have only OURSELVES to blame.

MIA CUPA. (Mea Culpa :p)

I have been throwing out the idea for years that Jesus and Lucifer are possibly the same person, or maybe half brothers? I got into a big argument in jail with a Christian hypocrites about these subjects, they said "I had the Devil in me". (lol)

"I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright and morning star."
(Revelation 22:16)

In Isaiah 14:12, St. Jerome, translated the Hebrew "morning star" into the Latin term "Lucifer" (light bearer), a name commonly ascribed to Satan by Christians, and represents the fallen star, an ancient symbol for the fallen or evil one. The mourning star actually appears as the planet Venus, the brightest "star" in the sky . Venus always appears low on the horizon, thus it looked like a fallen star (fallen angel) to the believers.

Although the Isaiah verse describes the fallen king of Babylon, Christians have, for centuries, ascribed Satan as taking many forms. And what more powerful form could an evil being take than to pretend himself as the saviour of the world? This would certainly explain the hate filled verses attributed to Jesus and the blind followers who inherit ignorance. Thus, a conclusion, based on Christian beliefs of Satan, and the belief in the "inerrancy" of the Bible, one must conclude that Jesus has revealed himself as Lucifer?

I found in English numerology that Jesus/Lucifer both equal 74. 666 divided by 9=74. Now God=26 in eng, the 26th path is the Devil on the Tree of Life, and God=77 in Hebrew, 77=OZ, another word for Baphomet. It never actually says that Lucifer is Satan, people assumed that. Lucifer means "light bearer" I assumed that they was two independent enitys, but the of the same card. Now Lucifer is described somewhere in Bible as the Destroyer of Babylon, then Jesus is described in Revelations as the Destroyer of Babylon. Jesus is described as Having eyes of flame, a 7 eyed lamb with battle wounds, and Double edged sword coming out of its mouth, Scary eh? Yet you never see it painted that way, we usaly see the bloody crucified version rubed in our faces "Look at me, I died for your sins, GUILTY!" or the handsome Caucasian American politically correct friendly version. It so says in Revelations that he has the "Keys to Hell and Death". Abbadon,( "the Destroyer" ) is described as having the keys to the Abyss. Jesus say he will "come like a thief in the night" that he "comes with a sword, and does not bring peace but will "break apart families and homes"

However... The name "Jesus Christ" is a a modern English translation, the Hebrews call him "Yeshua". The name "Jesus" came from the Jesuits, and Christ= "Cristos" and means the "Crowned one". The bible was originally written in Aramaic, then Hebrew, then Greek. The people that strove to translate the bible into English was consider heretics and cast out, even tortured by other Christians in Europe. Those are the people that founded America. There was aleist 4 different versions of the English before Bible King James( a known pedophile who liked little boys) and his scholars re-writ it. So It was heavily editorialized many chapters/books taken out.

If you believe in all that...

The truth is out there ( and in here )

"The Kingdom of Heaven exist within you, and all around you"

~Love/Chaos, SWM 10^666

"When in Rome, burn the motherfucker down!" :p

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