Friday, April 6, 2012

The Adventures of Employee Man

I can't say this applies to me in my current job, I'm surrounded by somewhat fellow minded geeks, around me I hear chatter about video games and tv shows I love instead of yapping about the weather, the news and cars like on previous jobs. What a turnaround and what a joy! And even though reality tunnels and irrelevant opinions clash around me, they are so funny to hear and at least they are about stuff I enjoy and can relate to! In my spare time spiritual exercises have made life very interesting. So while this graphic doesn't apply directly, it does serve to get myself off my ass and create self-employment in any form of NLP therapy and consciousness, I can't let what I've learned go to waste. Do it! You too!


Lonnie said...

Good choice. I'm always trying to find ways to succeed in my skills of hypnosis, mindfulness, nlp, and various others. My business has taken many forms over the last few years. I will find a way to succeed. I wish you all the luck as well.

Go join and you will find more help than you can handle! Trust me on that. There are many leaders sharing knowledge and experience for free. Make sure you join the ICBCH group as well.

Good luck!!!

Dedroidify said...

Thanks a lot!