Sunday, April 8, 2012


So I've been exploring the Undoing Yourself stuff by Christopher S. Hyatt and at the risk of proving my extreme ignorance I really can't say it's doing much for me at all. Let me first say that I loved reading the book Undoing Yourself with Energized Meditation, I found the writing style hilarious at the time. Trying to re-read it however, it's a bit too grumpy for my tastes. I've got another double cd, and a dvd-cd-booklet package. Now the cd's are mostly just Hyatt bitching about the world and blowing up his own ego, almost nothing of worth is said in them and that's no exaggeration, the booklet for the first DVD, exactly the same, just mostly whining about random shit. Then we get to the DVD, now, the exercises in the original book didn't do much for me either. Since they consist of mostly pulling faces and kicking legs, I'm not too surprised. Same with the DVD, pull faces, do some stuff with your arms, roll your eyes and tongue around and say "ah" when exhaling. 

I'm sorry, I know a lot of people reading this blog will be a fan of Dr. Hyatt and I was one too when first reading his book as he was part of my favorite 'crew' (even though he disses Crowley and Leary about every chance he gets, sometimes rightly so), but I don't see much merit in his system. In one sense I'm glad that half the material is just bitching sessions instead of actually useful information and guided audio, otherwise I might still be at it. I think Hatha Yoga & Reiki will do about the same for energy blockages as this system will. I think it's not just the exercises and the few noticeable effects they cause, but also the way the man comes across on audio and video, he just seemed a grumpy old man. Just youtube him, I saw a video yesterday of him talking about his hobbies while sounding like he wanted to stab himself right there. I would have loved to see how he and Lon Duquette interacted when writing together as Lon seems such a cheery person. How can I follow a man's system to undo myself of emotional blockages, if the man who taught it seemed very emotionally blocked? He looked grumpy as hell when smiling! 

Now I only judged after one book, double cd, a cd, a booklet and a dvd. But God help me if I have to listen to another hour of his bitching. I just can't do it just to see if there's a tidbit of actually useful information somewhere in there. I'm not saying there are no effects, sure there are. But the facepulling does just about as much as the 'body armor' exercise I usually do after a Hatha Yoga session, and of course the breathing has an effect but it's just like any other breathing exercise. According to the guy undergoing some exercises on the DVD, he had a spontaneous laughing session he couldn't stop, yet for some reason it's not on film... Later after showing exercises by his girlfriend, suddenly he is supposedly trembling after an exercise yet we don't see what caused it. I'm open to any comments or thoughts about this, but after putting in many hours exploring it for the last few days (and I realize they are supposed to be done longer than that), I can't say I will be Undoing myself anymore through these means. Let me know in the comments if you have undergone the exercises and disagree or whatever thoughts you have on the matter. Maybe I just need to keep it up longer to have any effects and I just made a complete fool of myself, but I just had to share.

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