Sunday, April 22, 2012


Some thoughts:
The Battle for Earth begins at (the) Sea (of the Unconscious).

There is a line in the movie concerning Will & Imagination to overcome extreme adversity. 

Of course there are huge military navy drill exercises (called Rimpac) during the alien invasion ;) (Like on 9/11 & 7/7...):  
"If this is some sort of extreme military exercise, they really went way too far." Yes they did. (paraphrased)

Martial law is declared as people want full disclosure and riot in the streets.

Old and handicapped soldiers are glorified in the movie as opposed to real life. The ceremony for the world saviours is ridiculously small in scale.

My buddy said movies like this make him want to join the military... *facepalm* I replied that PTSD isn't something to look out for.


Rob Pugh said...

FWIW, RIMPAC is a recurring, real world, military exercise -

Dedroidify said...

I thought so and glad to hear about the international cooperation, searched for rimpact on wiki but no results hehe, corrected it in the post.

I just thought it was real funny military exercises just when alien invasion occurs ;)