Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Dice Man

Well I just finished the Dice Man and I have to say, with very mixed feelings. I caught myself saying "well that was genius" and immediately said "really? You think that?!" Well a part of me must have! So as I was about to type I won't be carrying a die with me soon, I stood up and tried to find one from my storage room. I did not however and maybe it's for the best cause my colleagues would probably react oddly. I can however use heads or tails by just grabbing a coin out of my pocket (not flipping it) to decide between options as a catalyst to make me do (non-crazy or stupid) things I would otherwise have an issue with. (My fourth circuit is the most broken of the 8 circuits, nonetheless I'm doing great at work and I think nobody has a clue so far as I'm being very social and having lots of fun.)

I have to say, I don't understand what the freaking hell the rape and murder was necessary for in - jesus christ I just made my fridge stop buzzing by removing the power cable against an element at the rear: really?! and YAAAAAY! - necessary for in the book. I can't say the 2 have never crossed my mind but in the fleeting kind of random mind throw-up way that nobody wants to admit (I've always been way too truthful for my own good), I can say however that I have never considered either action even half-seriously. Now minor spoiler alert, so I'll be typing it in white (mouseover it) in case people are intrigued by the book but are unsure, and I have to say, it's quite a good read so here are 2 spoilers about the rape and murder in case you're not sure you wanna read it this may help (He rapes his best friend's wife who basically wanted it so it wasn't "really" rape, and the murder victim is a child molestor, so it's not that out there., however, it really really could have been). I have to say though I really enjoyed reading it, it's my first fiction book I finished in a while (I think at least, bless my memory) and I loved the writing style, you see some chapters are only a paragraph or a line long cause the die told him to do it that way. Loads of social commentary and it was worth the praise of other authors as you can tell from my mixed feelings at the start of the post. I finished the book at work, and the next one will finally be the Illuminatus Trilogy, I always got stuck halfway the first book cause I lost track of the many characters but am determined to finish it now. (I only read fictional books at work, no matter how crazy they are they are still fiction, I doubt if they find me reading an actual occult book that it would go over as well ;) Loving this new job, being able to read pdfs is awesome and gives me more time in the evening to read the many practical and theoretical books on consciousness I'm devouring at the moment.

"Joe Fineman noted that since two green dice had been found in a prominent place near the bombing of the army munitions depot in New Jersey and Senator Easterman's attack in the Senate on Dice Centers and dicepeople, there had been a sudden flood of incompetent dicetherapists creating stupid and dangerous options for dicestudents; he suggested that the FBI might be infiltrating and trying to discredit the movement. Dr. Ecstein squashed this dangerous speculation by noting that dicepeople could do perfectly all right discrediting themselves without outside help. He went on to suggest perhaps ironically that The DICELIFE Foundation issue a formal statement dissociating itself from any and all bad acts of dicepeople throughout the earth and adjoining planets - to save the trouble of having to issue a new statement 'every other day.'"

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