Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fear of Success/Just want to sleep

So I'm meditating in all kinds of ways, doing hatha yoga, ritual magick, etc for months now. My crown chakra is becoming more active everyday to the point I feel it swirl near-constantly. I take one day off from mysticism and occultism and smoke some great Holland weed with a friend. Afterwards I'm in bed ready to go to sleep, and I suddenly feel really weird like I'm finally about to switch to another channel consciousness wise which I've been aiming for, for weeks. But what do I do? Resist with every fibre in my body, because I just wanted to sleep. Wanted to kick myself so hard the next day. I've made a deal with myself to jump into the abyss the next time no matter what the circumstance.


Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting.

Hopefully you will share the experiences with us readers.

Be blessed.


Dedroidify said...

That's the idea if it's not too *fill in adjective* ;)

In the spirit of, if you can't find much of it, put it online yourself.