Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dharana Evolution

Yet another post about Dharana meditation, I've been doing this meditation near-daily (missing like 3 days the last month and a half) and while I still am not able to hold a triangle still in my mind's eye for a prolonged time, here's a tip for anyone else trying this and struggling.
Do not look at the triangle with your (closed) eye(ball)s, let your eyes rest however they may and visualise a 3D triangle hovering still in front of you. Now it will want to get away from you very fast by either disappearing or moving way to the sides, then just take control of it. Moving it yourself is considered more advanced, but you can move it anytime it acts up and then set it back into a comfortable space where you're able to keep it, for me that's hovering still just a few feet in front of my face and it's going pretty well recently.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you posting again : )

Such a quality blog.


Dedroidify said...

Thanks buddy!