Sunday, April 29, 2012

Avengers & Chronicle

Saw two really great movies with friends yesterday. Chronicle at home and Avengers at the movies.

"ENOUGH! I AM A GO..." Loki

"We should go to Tibet."

You and me, we're in this together now!


SURESHOT1978 said...

Hey M'aBrothah!!
from another mother!


i saw chronicle too
and i thought it was really good man.

very good take on the origins story/super hero/villain themes.

here is a super rough draft of a
new song that im working on.

i like to share my work with you
because i think your awesome
and you keep going,
you keep growing, & your awesome sauce.

its called pearly white teeth.

ts a rough draft,
and so am i.

me llamo
sure shot!!

Dedroidify said...

Hey bro! Hope you are ok and thanks for the encouragement buddy, really appreciate that! That song is fucking amazing man! I love it! You got talent, shine on crazy diamond!

SURESHOT1978 said...


i really would love to meet you
someday dude.

your blog, your whole take on
the many.. many.. different topics
that you give your take on
is amazing.

i appreciate that you ingest & digest
the many fruits from the tree of knowledge & tell me about them
in a way that i can wrap my head around.

its like describing
HIGH DEF TV to a Blind man
you got the HD tuner man..
& i got them Jordy laforge specs
thanks to you.


me llamo

im going to make an acoustic cd
where can i send you a copy?
or i can just email you the tracks
if you feel more comfortable with that.

Dedroidify said...

Thank bro, you're too kind. Those are cool specs bro I wanna have a pair of those too ;p

You can e-mail that digital goodness to dedroidify at hotmail dot com, I would really appreciate that and spread the word on your great vibes!

SURESHOT1978 said...

you do enough already Duder.
even if you just listened
listened to the Tunes
you would make my day man.

dead serious,
know why?..

cause just like "you"


lately i feel like im here for a reason, i don't know why?
but i have survived 2 car accidents
one which left me in a coma
& i survived cancer.

i have been in remission for going on 4 years now.

i hope that when i do finally
do shuffle off this mortal coil
the stuff i learned, through both my many experiences & your insights,
as well as the many other wonderful people i have had the great fortune of meeting on my
will some how carry over to what ever it is i come back as.

maybe ill be a super chill Toad?
fuck knows.. but ill tell you what?

ill totally make room
for people like you on my Lilly pad.

(Dictated but not read)
me llamo