Saturday, April 21, 2012

Conspiracy facts, not theories. (Reblogged from Relaxed Focus)

Reblogged from Relaxed Focus: Conspiracy theories don't require "belief."  People, groups, organizations and governments conspire all the time.  It's their natural state.  Which is why criminal law throughout the world recognizes the crime of conspiracy.

Just read one link, read about Operation Northwoods.  And once you read that the Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed false flag terrorist attacks on American targets to provoke & justify conflict with Cuba, then you realize the government is capable of anything.  Then consider it was proposed in 1962 and wasn't made public until 1997.  Thirty five years.  Then extrapolate all the things going on now that you won't find out for years, if ever.

via Reddit:  61 years after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, the CIA still claims that the release of its history would "confuse the public." (
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This should be standard reading for all US citizens.
This is why no matter what they ever say or do, you should not trust them completely.
Its why I can't get over the 9/11 conspiracies totally.
Its funny how people can see this shit and just say "fuck conspiracy theorists"
No. Fuck you.
There is a difference between just utter bullshit and really plausible events that HAVE happened.
The unfortunate thing is that people aren't even aware of the stuff thats in public domain and how utterly crazy it is before they can assess what is going on.

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