Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Christopher Hyatt - "Undoing Yourself" Interview

I have acquired the Undoing Yourself DVD and CD by Christopher S. Hyatt and before trying out and adding the many exercises of this system to my current, already big routine, of consciousness practice I would love to hear some feedback from people who have been (un)doing these exercises already. Please drop a line in the comments or contact me at dedroidify at hotmail dot com. Thank you very much.

Whenever I hear/see Dr. Hyatt I always think "umadbro?", why's he so grumpy?

There are apparently a couple of chaps at radicalundoing.com who do sessions over skype. One hour will cost you a minimum of 797$, no that's not a typo, that's a batshit insane amount. I can't get an NLP client when I charge €20 or even do it for free lol... What a crazy world.


John Anderson said...

I picked up Undoing yourself around the time it was first published(1988?). I really liked Hyatts writing style and it was this book that opened the door to Regardie, RA Wilson and basically the whole Falcon Press line up of books. This also opened my eyes to the Golden Dawn and set me down the path of Ceremonial Magick. As for the book itself...I did some of the exercises and I was rather meh about them. The ideas in the book is what opened my mind and to that end I owe mr Hyatt a nod of the cap and thank you. At the time little was known about CS Hyatt and to me he was great giggling guru I always wanted to meet...even wrote him a letter (no reply). Imagine my disappointment many years later to finally see videos of him speaking...not the great guru I imagined. At this stage of my life I am not attached to mentors but back in the late 80's, the IDEA of CS Hyatt was the impetus for much personal growth and transformed me in many positive ways. Its interesting to see you digesting all these great books...the same ones that sparked so much change in me. Going out for a Belgium beer, ill be thinking of you. Shine on!

Dedroidify said...

Hey Eternal Boy! Haha I still identify myself with 'Forever Young' ;p. Thanks so much for the reply I thought I was the only one! Yeah his book was a great catalyst for me too except for the exercises and I also thought very highly of the man, then the image was shattered by the youtube videos. I'm not a big fan of beer though I learned to drink Duvel (Devil :p) recently. Shine on yourself crazy diamond!

T-man Raisin Bran said...

Whats wrong with a guy expressing things as they are? He never claims to be angry, he just has a very important message to get across the best way he knows how!

Dedroidify said...

As they are? As they seem to him and you.

What's wrong with it? Nothing if you don't mind coming across as a whiny little bitch.