Thursday, August 7, 2008

Antero Alli: Talking with Timothy Leary's lover (update!)

Note: Joanna Harcourt Smith and Timothy Leary are very, very high.

From Antero Alli

Joanna and Tim shared a good deal of high romance and adventure together while Dr. Leary was in exile travelling around Europe and Africa in the early seventies. She has some amazing stories to tell (that she is currently writing a book about). Joanna also conducts and organizes interviews with cutting edge thinkers and doers that are posted at her websites at: Having written a book on Dr. Leary's 8-circuit brain model ("Angel Tech"), I was an obvious candidate. Here's the link (interview runs approx 40 min):

Antero Alli shares a great dream ritual, pay attention to the movements in a dream, and when you get up, act out movements, try to do at least 3, more associations should come. (This is probably a great technique for kinesthetic people.)

Also worth sharing, Antero talks about Earth the Eco System, I don't remember which word he used exactly but check this:
Eco System - a natural unit consisting of all plants, animals and micro-organisms in an area functioning together with all of the non-living physical factors of the environment.
Echo System - consciousness mirroring itself, bouncing back, cymatics
ECCO system - Earth Coincidence Control Office, John Lilly's experiences in Inner Space led him to believe that non-physical entities arrange for the occurrence of meaningful coincidences, synchronicities in order to co-ordinate the physical and spiritual development of individuals on planet Earth. Compare to Philip K. Dick's Valis.

Together with the great Chapel Perilous talk in the Kentroversy Podcast #11 with Todd Campbell of Through the Looking Glass I was reminded of how synchronicity and creativity make our lives so much more interesting, and that I should get off my ass :p.

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