Friday, September 5, 2008

April Fools comes late

What a weird day, the cops sent me a fine months ago (FOR CROSSING A FULL WHITE LINE ON THE ROAD WITH NO ONE IN SIGHT! GASP, I MUST ATTONE :p) I was thinking, I didn't do anything wrong if I remember correctly and I just payed one for a similar silly thing. So I check the letter again and the reference is the same on a fine I got earlier, hmmm! It wasn't even mentioned that I had missed a payment!
So I check the bank records and yep I did pay it... on APRIL 1st, lol, and am informed by friends that the bureaucrats set up a new system that makes it harder for them to check if a fine is paid lol... 'Convenient', because having people check their own finances and getting back to the police supplies the system with spending on gas, paper, stamps. And a crapload of fines must get paid double too this way. Boost the economy! I let this stuff wait because I honestly can't take this bs too seriously and time being an illusion and all :p.
Suddenly I get a letter that I can get a lawsuit slapped on me for not paying and I can contact the district attorney if I have any objections, so I get my papers in order now, and drive to the bank (to get the bank statements I need to prove I payed a fine, so paying it is not enough, you have to prove it now lol). I again wait too long to supply this to the cops, not caring that much about their system-games.
Today I get a letter that I now have the chance to pay it immediately to the cops, or I get a lawsuit slapped on me. So I get off my ass and take my copies that were laying here ready all along, to the police station and a friendly police officer takes care of it and says all is fine. A half hour later I get a call from the police, "I'm checking the records here and it seems you payed double." LOL! Oh great, and the people who sent all those damn threatening letters couldn't do that? So now I can write to the DA to get my money back, instead of getting a lawsuit. Hilarious!


Unknown said...

I am glad you kept your head on straight and bent the situation to your advantage. Its so easy to let anger at a situation like this stear us down the wrong path, I'm sure thats what "they" want, easy money!
Love ur blog btw, thought I'd finally comment since you don't get to many,
big up

Dedroidify said...

Hey Gordon,

Thanks for the kudos & commenting, people seem kinda weary of it!

Worrying doesn't do much for us anyway ;p

Peace man

Dr. Jay SW said...

Love the mushroom cloud/mushroom...takes me back to when I watched Koyannisquatsi on acid, half a lifetime ago...though this works without the acid....