Thursday, September 11, 2008

Legal Drugs

Legal Drugs


Benjamin S said...

HrHr, so true! Everything will be OK if I just pop this pill, pills from "drug stores" are always good for you right, the doctor said so it must be true.

Marijuana triggers the fifth brain processes [ties in with left brain/right brain functions I think, drugs like cocaine and all the crap they put in corporations' pharmeceutical pills does the opposite to this]; to quote illuminati formula [deeper insights]: "The fifth brain processes concepts, works with abstract thoughts, and can pull up thoughts from various parts of the mind and do comparisons. The fifth brain is a reflecting meditating type brain. It is capable of integrating many concepts together [our synch-fishing mayhaps ^^]." There's more than meets the eye to why they keep Marijuana illegal; mind control slaves are forbidden from having Marijuana [because it could lead them to reflect, make the connections and wake up from their MK'd existence]. If everyone smoked Marijuana, perhaps everyone would wake up! [Marijuana induced paranoid schizophrenia aside :P, The gov't must be in control of splitting all minds!]


Dedroidify said...

Hey Benjamin

the Seven Brains model the authors use is near-identical to the 8 Circuit model, so check out my posts on that if you haven't already. Will definitely check out the book after reading the first one, thanks for that! (here it is if people are interested:, it's on scribd too)

Indeed 5th circuit awareness which Marijuana (but also meditation, yoga, etc.) activates surpasses the rigidness of the lower 4 brains/circuits/systems: 1 physical safety, 2 emotional bs, 3 rational map(s, ideally...), 4 social-sexual programming.

Like RAW says, marijuana may have had a big thing to do with the Vietnam protests. Though it has its negative effects too, lungs and throat aren't as happy with it and balance and sobriety should be maintained too, nothing is good in extremes! Says the relative pot head hehe.

Peace dude.