Thursday, September 18, 2008

Daily Show

Candidates' Generic-Off

The solutions to the financial crisis are probably unpopular and undoubtedly confusing, so it's time for a good old-fashioned generic-off.

Daily Show: Sarah Palin Won't Blink

Sarah Palin brings a fresh new idea to this presidential season by not blinking.

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Benjamin S said...

Yo thanks for getting back to me in my blog (just saw your post above to, it's cool), my email is, no rush on the reply, cheers. I can see how it can be both (conspiracy and synchromystic mix), but I just feel there isn't an emphasis enough on the victims of these sick people (which is something I try to emphasise) in some of this synchromystical stuff, people are literally being abused/ electroshocked/ etc as we speak in Hollywood. And I absolutely love those videos don't get me wrong; the central argument of "the stars reflecting the heavens" thing is something I don't buy [love all the synchs/movie clips], they are purposefully made to reflect the heavens (ritual, through the movies they're in, the specific ritual scenes etc.) by the people in charge [Directors on orders from producers/programmers]. I was just wondering what your opinion is and I obviously wouldn't want to go into his blog throwing accusations of disinfo at him when they're both clearly good guys just attempting to spread spirituality and truth through a medium my generation grew up superglued to, fair play to them. So yeah, don't publish this, no rush on the reply and thanks again. email: