Monday, September 29, 2008

Chaos Magick Blog

Check out Step into a Reality Tunnel where Imagination is 'God' and Magick is Creation.
Here is an excerpt from the post NLP can be considered as chaos magick:
"I think it can be. Remember, chaos magick is about finding what works for you and implement it in your magickal practice.

When you look at it from the perspective of chaos magick, anything can be considered as a magickal practice. The law of attraction, or by its popular name the Secret is also a kind of chaos magick in that sense.

If you look at the working mechanisms of sigil magick, you will find many similarities among sigil magick, nlp and the law of attraction. They are there with the intention of manipulating your consciousness because they firmly believe that the reality manifests is only caused by your thoughts, consciously or unconsciously.

Historical, ancient approach to magick says that magick primarily occurs in the body of the magician. This is something to think about."


Michael Skaggs said...

Interesting post!

Thanks for doing it.

Peace bro.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for posting this. I am glad that you like this approach.

Anonymous said...

Nice post!