Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Climate Scientists: Use Spaceships To Block Out The Sun

It's "man-made", but just in case we can block out the sun!
All sciency-like! :p

Climate Scientists: Use Spaceships To Block Out The Sun

Global warming alarmists, who have routinely dismissed evidence that the Sun is the main driver of climate change [Just because you don't believe in the selective data Global Warming doesn't mean you're not against pollution btw!], are now calling to block out the celestial body that supports all life on Earth in a set of bizarre new proposals to “geo-engineer” the planet.

One idea being promoted is a madcap plan to send a fleet of shiny spaceships to form a physical cloud between the Sun and the Earth, covering half the diameter of the entire planet.

“Political inaction on global warming has become so dire that nations must now consider extreme technical solutions - such as blocking out the sun - to address catastrophic temperature rises, scientists from around the world warn today,” reports the Guardian.

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Unknown said...

Apparently in the 70s when they were worried about global cooling they wanted to drop nukes on polar icecaps to prevent the sea level from falling.
I also saw one idea to put lots of iron in the ocean or something. They said it will stop global warming, but oh, it might also kill the fish or something.