Thursday, September 18, 2008

Global Mind Change

Global Mind Change


Anonymous said...

Beware One World Religion.

Dedroidify said...

Yeah that too James.

"a fundamental global mind change we're intuitively being led to"

Realizing Interconnectedness, Evolving beyond BS for instance. A new philosophy or perception is something quite different though.

The vid doesn't conjure up any associations to the one world religion agenda for me personally though I understand it can for others.

I wonder if this agenda is executed, how successful it would be because of the rigidity of belief systems and also because millions know of the agenda already too. Though it is cunning to link the religions, I'm not sure many will accept this attempt as humans are still better at believing than seeing. I have a little faith in humanity concerning that one ;) to my own shock!
Though the comment is appreciated, it never hurts to repeat warnings concerning the 'masters of illusion'. The last thing this world needs is another religion! No beliefs but truth.