Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is one of the most empowering tools to transform us from passive witnesses to active collaborators in our own dreaming process. But dream work can lead us to wonder: who is dreaming and who is awake? Are most of us asleep?
Read full article by Paul Levy at Reality Sandwich.

Also check out the online Psiber Dreaming Conference.


Joe said...

What happened to that "Inactivity" post? Is Dedroidify still alive?

Dedroidify said...

Look towards the right hand side Joe.

Awareness! ;p

z said...

Great topic for a post :)

"Who is dreaming and who is awake?" This fellow answers that quite well, methinks:

Enjoy :)

nomadnomo said...

i was wondering (meaning no pressure), if you were planning on continuing the 8 circuit megaposts?

im a bit sad about the site's hiatus, since this IS my favorite site on the net ... but more importantly, relate to you that i understand your situation and wish you best of luck.


Dedroidify said...

Yes Nomadnomo I sure am planning that though it's not certain for when yet because as you might have guessed they take a hell of a long while to put together ;).
(I'm gonna go crazy and promise you the next 8 circuit post will be at the end of this month). I will probably post some more things tonight.

Wow and thanks for that, really awesome to hear my site is someone's favorite on the interwebs!

I know it's the worst timing for it as the blog just got running well, but I really need the time (crisis! :p) and btw, some of the fruits of my labor will be shared on this blog as well. So that's good news at least I hope ;)

Peace & laughter indeed!

Thanks again, you made my day!