Monday, September 8, 2008

Keith Olbermann (& Matthews) Fired as anchors of live political events

Keith Olbermann Smacks Down The RNC Over 9/11 Tribute

4 days later, Olbermann (and Matthews) fired as the anchors of live political events.

The last journalist who had a right to be called that is gone from Live political events.


Ed said...

I think "fired" is too strong a word. They are still going to be involved in the live political events as an analyst, and "Hardball" and "Countdown" aren't going anywhere.

Christina Georgiou said...

It seems the very concept of actual reporters is anathema to some folks...It isn't surprising that FOX news would be underhanded in their reporting, but you have to see this...Go to:

and fast forward to the 7:56 mark...(You don't have to watch the whole thing if you don't want or have already seen, just catch Palin's comment just before/as they do a subliminal 'pinocchio thing' to the reporter's nose...) Not sure who the reporter they did this to is or what his affiliation is... All I can think, besides 'What a scum move..." is GOTCHA!

BTW, I am a reporter and news editor--local community news in Easton, Pennsylvania...And I'm appalled by what's going on in journalism...Olbermann's comments were NOT out of line, and his getting moved out of the picture is a real shame.

More than one study of the news in the US in the past few years has shown a HUGE bias to the right, even in such 'bastions of liberal media' such as NPR...this attitude of 'one voice' media can only be construed as the result of creeping fascism, aka 'corporatism.' See Mussolini's quote on the subject if you're not sure that corporatism=fascism.

Thanks for your blog, BTW, and keep up the great work. I don't always agree, but you always present an interesting point of view, and I read it pretty much every day, one of the very few I do that with.

Dedroidify said...

Oh right, added the clarification ed.

Nice catch imagicalgreek, coincidentally I posted that mussolini quote 3 days ago ;)


Christina Georgiou said...

Called a friend who's a former video editor and producer for CBS in NYC. He identified the reporter as Bob Schaffer (sp?) of CBS. And said he didn't think there was actual manipulation of the video to pull that off, that it appears to be Schaffer's (sp?) mike. And, at closer inspection, it appears he's right. But as far as I'm concerned it's still a subliminal due to the placement of the edit and the obvious 'nose growing' at the very moment about the media...Fair's fair, even if Fox doesn't seem to think so, so I thought I'd mention it...

And yes, I did see that quote, nicely done...I also used it in my weekly column about a year and a half ago to make a point about the very scary direction the US is headed.