Saturday, September 13, 2008

DefCon 15 - T309 - Hacking UFOlogy

DefCon 15 - T309 - Hacking UFOlogy Richard Thieme

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Auberon Barnable said...

Good stuff. Some of his descriptions of the aircraft based on interviews and written documents were really excellent.

I did have one problem - toward the middle he mentioned that he was fiercely heterosexual, as if his sexuality had much to do with his credibility or sanity. I can ignore such remarks as I am straight, but one of my good friends is homosexual. The opposite of the intended effect is likely to occur with him.

Preaching open-mindedness is easy, living it can be more difficult. 8)

Dedroidify said...

Twas a joke because he was a pastor. Openmindedness is also tolerance.

Auberon Barnable said...

True. I'm probably over-analyzing things again.

I've always been on the fence regarding UFOs as being true physical manifestations as extra-terrestrials. After reading McKenna's work and being a psychedelic myself his ideas that they are mental manifestations related to DMT and the Pineal Gland areas of the brain. To Terence they weren't necessarily of the physical dimension, but this didn't make them any less real. This to me was fairly convincing.

Watching this video did open my mind to the idea that both concepts may be true, or at least true enough.

It gives me optimism to believe in extra terrestrial forms of life - even hostile ones. The impossibly minute chance that Earth alone harbors life and the potential for one madman and a red button to end it all is just too depressing to consider.

When McKenna asked the mushroom elves what the UFOs were, it replied "We disguise ourselves as UFOs so as not to alarm people about what we really are."