Friday, September 12, 2008

Dimitri Halley: The Observation Problem

Dimitri Halley: The Observation Problem 1 Part 2 Part 3

The language spoken is Papiamento with Dutch and English (I love it!). English subs included.


JJ said...

Let's play:

Energy as information is in formation.

We are energy.

We are information.

We are in formation.

Our energy as information is in formation.

According to the Bell's theorem, it does not matter, how one sets an experiment in formation. The information in all parts of the experiment in formation arrive in formation to the observer information in formation for an observation of information.

No observer information in formation observes in formation no information.

Otherwise, it would matter, and we'd be screwed.

Dedroidify said...


Auberon Barnable said...

This reminds me of the Tarkovsky film "Stalker" in which intellectuals are driven to seek out a special room in the Chernobyl radioactive zone which will make their deepest desires come true. Very few actually know their deepest desires. You can think and say that you believe something, but do you really, and why?

If the world is made out of language it's time to create a new one.

Anonymous said...

Hey dedroidify...

Where did you connect with this guy. I mean, please tell me how he is connected and with what. What synchro lead you to him and him to you.

I am deeply moved and disturbed at the same time.


Dedroidify said...

Auberon excellent quote, yeah it's a great meditation to visualise your deepest desires (first you might need to meditate on what they are hehe).

Prof C.
I only found a vid on youtube which I don't consider a sync per se & subscribed to channel, haven't checked out the other vids yet so dunno what you're disturbed about. Spill it dude :p

Anonymous said...

I guess that being an academic I so seldom hear a voice that logically calls us to shut down our project. I mean where have you ever heard an argument that leads to the end of science? This guy is cool. I just subscribed to his blog on "The Shadow".

I am certain that I listened differently because of the language he speaks in the video. Maybe it just touched me deeper.

Thanks so much, I take such joy from your discoveries!

Dedroidify said...

I wouldn't say he suggests to shut down science - he said "science hits a dead end with the observer problem", but evolve beyond materialistic science to a more aware and open science, where we realize the interconnectedness of the observer and observed.

Like Jacque Fresco suggests a science that works towards a harmonious relationship with nature is not only admirable but necessary to have a sustainable future.

Great that it resonated with you in general! I like these vids a lot too.