Monday, September 1, 2008

Will you vote for Kissinger or Brzezinski in 2008?

Thanks Matt for all this: Kissinger & Brzezinski play Hegelian Dialectic: Henry Kissinger backs McCain. Zbigs (author of Between Two Ages and The Grand Chessboard) backs Obama. Either way - you lose!

As it became more evident that the neocons would not be able to false-flag their way into Iran (according to NY Times S. Hersh, Cheney wanted to dress up marines as Iranians and have them MURDER other marines to gain your unwavering support). The CFR-Bilderberg globalists decided to turn their attention to BIGGER FISH. Namely, Russia. Zbigs has had a long time hatred for Mother Russia, having been the guy who helped create Al-Qaeda in 1979 (then, 'Freedom Fighters') to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.
So basically here we see these two old friends and Rothschild agents having a little mock debate, (video below) moderated by zionist Wolf Blitzer. But the 'synthesis' or outcome of the debate will be that WWIII with Russia will bring the invasion of Iran anyway. In other words, a PNAC sponsored invasion of Iran now would be counterproductive.
It's time for the head globalists to take over, and that's what we'll get with Zbig's puppet Obama in November. Biden, a true globalist warhawk, and anti-american will somehow further reassure the sheeple, while McCain's selection of a very weak VP candidate will be easily exploited. While it seems O-bomb-a is being set up to win, it also still seems quite possible that the neocons could drop a few nukes on Iran to get things started before they leave office. And We the Sheeple will accept all this, a crashed economy and possibly martial law - as long as we get football and American Idol on our flat screen tv's. BTW - this is not really opinion, as this was all written up in the Project for a New American Century papers and The Grand Chessboard.

Zbigniew Brzezinski And Henry Kissinger On Late Edition

Here, Zbigs - creator of Al-Qaeda, admits that the U.S. could stage a false flag terrorist attack to be blamed on Iran. This insider with eyes on Russia knew what the small minded Cheney faction was up to. Remember the stupid Iranian speedboat attack? The captured British troops?

Zbigniew Brzezinski @ The Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Henry wants a 'New World Order', nevermind the interviewer using that term too.

Henry Kissinger wants a NWO

Added: Article about Zbigniew Brzezinski: The Brzezinski/Obama axis


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lol yes I've seen this before. Indeed, they love a good mindfuck don't they...

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Oh the grand scheme of things, this actually was no big surprise at all, but glad to see others are awaking to the dilemma we are all facing.

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