Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blasted Mechanism - Battle of Tribes & All the Way

Blasted Mechanism - Battle of Tribes

is here, No Fear!

Blasted Mechanism - All The Way

Lyrics here and here is the Portuguese spoken word, thanks to Zero:

The second Gong started the great interplanetary exodus... Gaya... Our people parted. We went to a dimensional quadrant where energy was less creative. We were destined to embark on the density of the matter.

The Unnamed Creator sent us a group of six beings destined to rescue the most expanded consciences of this vast planet. Those who overcome Maya, the great illusion, will be transported back to the Origin, where total unity reigns.

The Unnamed called these beings 'Blasted Mechanism', born from primordial sound, they transform space energy, opening Light portals from where we can drink that knowledge and understand that we must let matter go so that we can, simply, begin Being.

Behold! Become the Light, become the Sound.
You are your Master, you are your God.
YOU are the object of your path.
Surrender... to the VOICE OF SILENCE.

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