Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ordinaries with bad taste

Today I was eating at my folks and singer Mika came on the radio, now if you don't know this product keep it that way lol. My mom said "I heard he's a real asshole when he performs, an arrogant prick who's intolerable to deal with."

So finally I was able to mention some PKD to her haha, as I just started reading "Flow my tears the policeman said." Which has excellent commentaries on society as always from PKD.
Excerpt alert!
Jason Taverner has never and will never disappoint his fans. However Heather may feel about hers.
"You don't like them," Jason said as they squirmed and pushed and ducked their way down the steaming, sweat-smellin corridor, "because you don't like yourself. You secretly think they have bad taste."
"They're dumb," Heather grunted, and cursed quietly as her flat, large hat flopped from her head and disappeared forever within the whale's belly of close-pressing fans.
"They're ordinaries," Jason said...
Heather grated, "Don't say thatword."
"They're ordinaries," Jason said, "and they're morons. Because" - he nipped at the lobe of her ear - that's what it means to be an ordinary. Right?" ...
"You really do hate them, " he said.
"Yes." She nodded briskly. "And so do you."

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Anonymous said...

I was surpised at how he looked, having heard that Love Love Me one & considering it a bit of disco class (just as long as I only hear it when I choose to, as with all other non-natural sounds), I expected something entirely different.

In a similar vein to the post, couldn't believe a quote read attributed to Kurt Cobain, in which he lamented not connecting with his fans the way that Freddie Mercury did; he wanted to like them.
I don't think it works like that - unless you set out to attract people for a certain purpose, then you'll likely attract all the wrong kinds, hence they won't ever feel right to you.
It's very difficult to do dark material and entirely avoid the douches thinking you're one of them.