Sunday, April 20, 2008

Southland Tales

Southland Tales trailer

Southland Tales is a Philip K. Dick inspired science fiction/drama film, written and directed by Richard Kelly. Set in the near future, the film is a portrait of Los Angeles and a comment on the military-industrial news-tainment complex. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Sean William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Justin Timberlake, Mandy Moore, Cheri Oteri, Amy Poehler, Jon Lovitz,...

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Southland Tales, Sri Yantra, and the Butterfly Effect


Anonymous said...


I only saw it the once, but I didn't get the ending - how was The Rock's character the same person as the inventor, and they were both also the cop/soldier and his 'other' self (which was actually himself displaced in time)?

Dedroidify said...

Ya lost me dude, I didn't see any of that hehe. The story works out fine without all that.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't see how the explanation for what happened in the desert matched up; the guy that went missing there (whose other self, that the spacetime tear 'generated', died - and they show him the body) says the same thing as the guy who's the cop/ex-soldier (the one in the van at the end, grasping his own hand), "I'm a pimp, I wouldn't kill myself."

How are they even pimps? Nevermind the same person.

Why did the Marxists go to such lengths to send one guy through the tear, but get sloppy with the driver (the cop/solider) and let his two selves just run around in the same time? Were they just trying to engineer a worldend using the same guy grasping his own other selves hand, so as to cause an implosion of the two times...cause the inventor admits to being a Marxist and using the machine purposely to cause the tear - or send that guy through it, having accidently caused it.

Anonymous said...

So, was none of that in the DVD you saw then?

I'm not the kind to not get weird films, I think this one has an undercurrent whereby it's =suggested= to the viewer that they ought to understand the conclusion, and it may be exploiting some disturbing facets of a portion of the collective psyche. Hence my interest in seeing if anyone really understands it linearly as a coherent structure - or, are they under the illusionary spell being cast in so much of the astral / collective mind in recent years..?

I know what I'm =supposed= to think in terms of this making any sense, and that's the concern here. That there's that 'you're meant to believe this even though there's no sense to it'; isn't that a brainwashing cult method.
That works ok in '5D' but it's very dangerous to accept that in '4D'.