Saturday, April 19, 2008

Battlestargate Galactica Symbolism (updated)

Along with earlier post "Are we the Evil that we see?" ties in nicely the storyline of the new Battlestar Galactica. (Spoiler alert! Article updated for latest episode) It seems that the Cylons and Humans will eventually have to come together and realize their interconnectedness to find peace and fulfillment.

The Cylons have even started shooting their own who wanted to do some cold reprogramming after even the raiders were acting beyond their programming, in other words their BS. Or was this programming of a higher or deeper level, or was it emerging consciousness? In the latest episode even the Centurions who now have the gift of reason showed signs of imminent rebellion and there was an attempt to obliterate the Six model line, after D'Anna's line already has been put to sleep.

Among the humans too the ones who realized they were Cylons from the start go beyond theirs (or are they?) and stay on the Human side, on the only side they really know, the one of their friends. Inevitably Hera (Isis), the Human-Cylon Hybrid of Sharon & Helo will have a role to play in this, for one thing her blood had amazing regenerative properties as it healed president Roslin from her cancer and perhaps she may heal much more. Until things got crazy in the latest episode as the Cylon programming of Tory has really come through, as she 'saved' the second hybrid baby. I hadn't even thought of that before that scene.

The show is amazing for any conspiracy and consciousness explorer, and just excellent period. Included in the show have been the use of entheogens for visions, suicide bombings as the last refuge against a seemingly unstoppable self-created enemy, faith versus reason, torture and prisoner abuse, media manipulation and politics, betrayal and revenge and forgiveness, war on terror and civil liberties, trust, cold reason and survival versus compassion and heavy sacrifice, human polytheism versus the Cylon monotheism and much more. Executive producer Ronald D. Moore has said of the Cylons "They have aspects of Al Qaeda, and they have aspects of the Catholic Church, and they have aspects of America."

The Human Survivors seek the path to Earth not fully realizing what destiny lies ahead, and of course in the temple and the Eye of Jupiter we can find some wonderful stargate symbolism (top and left corner in second image), as you can see in this vid along with some of the other topics I mentioned.

Battlestar Galactica - Requiem for a Dream (Lux Aeterna)


Unknown said...

BSG sure has a lot of stuff in it. People could spend days talking about the political or religious themes for sure. I haven't really spent much time deconstructing the show myself, except for the 2 pictures on my blog which you commented on... I'm gonna have to buy the dvds eventually!

The Last Supper image is definetly strange. I wonder how much of a parallel they were trying to make between the original last supper and this version? Plus, thanks to the Da Vinci Code, most people now see Mary Magdalane next to Jesus. This kinda fits with Baltar and Six as Mary and Jesus I guess (gender roles reversed). And what's with the grail - there wasn't one in the original painting, so why is it here? Maybe I'll think some more on it later...

Spot on with the "stargate" theme to Kara's mandala. I just realized that she destroys it by splashing it with white paint - exactly what the Tibetans do when they finish with a sand mandala, they destroy it to show the fleeting nature of all things. Can't wait to see where its all going!

Dedroidify said...

Great comments man.

Haha didn't know that about the mandala, great!

It's a fascinating series, one of my most favorite of all time. I have even started watching again from the beginning at an easy pace.

One thing that bothers me is, Adama sends Starbuck to find Earth and the President is pissed off. In the first season though, the President sends off Starbuck to find the Arrow, and Adama isn't happy. Wtf.

I also want a damn good explanation of how the hell Colonel Tigh can be a Cylon, did they replace him? That's the only possibility I see, as the cylons were only gone for 40 years and this guy is old!