Monday, April 28, 2008

Stanley Kubrick's Enlightenment - by Rob Ager

Download part 1 here, not available in streaming.
(mandatory warning, nudity in ze vids...)

A Clockwork Orange & more by Kubrick part 2 & part 3

Rob Ager film analysis

I love this guy's stuff. Don't read on here if you can't handle crazy surgery shit, lol: people I tell this too usually cringe and curl up haha. I've had laser surgery on my eyes, so I've had eyeclips on my eyes like the scene in Clockwork Orange (and had seen the movie before that... not helpful!) and saw a knife cutting my eyes open, upon which I had to keep my eyes still, so the laser beaming into my eye was able to do its work well. All was fine until I came out of the operation room and started shaking uncontrollably for a few minutes. It was worth the sacrifice though, as you come out such a thing stronger and you know, you can see like normal people without glasses or contacts.

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