Friday, April 25, 2008

We Are Change confronts Schwarzenegger

We Are Change confronts Schwarzenegger

I love these guys:
See the powers that be are not that powerful at all, look at how they squirm when confronted. And look at how sheepish the security is, wtf, are those robots already? :p (for clarification, robots=conditioned people :p)

And in case you heard about the incident, check this and the video:

Secret Service (SS) Provocateur attacks WeAreChange


Anonymous said...

Good Find. I love We Are Change. My favorite video is when they hang outside Rockefeller's apt and educate his body guard who is generally interested in what they have to say.



Anonymous said...

they're "people" conditioned with robotic behaviour.. get it right

Dedroidify said...

LOL I have to check that out Thuth haven't seen that.

Kieran has a point about dehumanizing, though fun can be had too. I made it clearer in the post so some people don't think they're actual robots :p hehe.