Saturday, April 26, 2008

Secret Images of Google Earth

Secret Images of Google Earth

This vid is rather old, but as I hadn't seen it yet,
I'm sure some of you haven't either ;)

Just some thoughts:
1. Sungod? makes me think of a Louis XIV mask
2. Native American face, Pacal?
3. Nazca-line alien or therianthropic figure?
4. Merkabah (aka Star of David).
5. Triangle with Concentric Circle Stargate.


Unknown said...

That Nazca looking one was really done by the people who lived there before the Nazca; they drew all their stuff on the hills. The Nazca only drew on the flat ground. It looks like skeletor or something :O

Dedroidify said...

Oh cool thanks for clarifying.

Skeletor! *evil laugh*