Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Synchromystic PseudOccult Media

Check out Pseudo-Occult Media and welcome Benjamin, the latest Synchromystic blogger to share his wonderful synchs with us. I especially liked the post Ronaldo No. 7 Christ Resonator, it's just amazing how pervasive symbolism is. As a counterpoint to the previous post - Synchromysticism could be interpreted as a form of confirmation bias, obviously! Though it's a positive kind as synchromystics tend to stay openminded wether forces of coincidence, hidden or open agendas, synchronicity, seriality or whatever is responsible. The undeniable thing is that there are connections to be found. I also was impressed by this crazy ad:

Fanta Still add

Cthulhu, the all seeing eye, big brother, totalitarianism... and the illusion that a shitty product can make it all better, wonderful! Shamelessness anyone? :p

Pseudo-Occult Media!


Just Me said...

Talk about your Orange (Juice) Revolution! Love that.

Benjamin S said...

Heh, so true about that Fanta advert.

Cheers for the plug mate. This synch business is certainly strange. I start the blog then almost straight away the TV I have on in the background starts showing all these (what I consider) synchromystic adverts, and usually I can't find them online but all 3 were.

Also, a story comes out today about the old Ronaldo (chubbby toothy one) the day after I write a piece on Ronaldos as Christ resonators, the news story was about him picking up three Brazilian transvestite prostitutes which I'm doing a quick post on now.

Again, thanks muchly for the hexposure.

Dedroidify said...

Yeah I heard it too! hilarious

Over here there are ads alongside the road with 4D, ha! I can't find it online tough.