Sunday, April 27, 2008

World Wide WEB?

Google Evil Agenda?

The spider traps its food supply in its web. I'd be so screwed, lol.

Here are some useful sites:
Google Watch, Torpark (surf anonymously, firefoxy)

And much thanks to Michael from Hidden Agendas for these links:
Scroogle (google but no cookies and junk) and this article: AT&T scaremonger internet could reach capacity 2010 lol, don't worry though, I used to work at a Telco company, they generally don't even know wtf they're doing.


Michael Skaggs said...

Yup, Big Evil, I still use it, I prefer Scroogle Scraper to using google straight up. It scrapes off the cookies and junk from google, give it a whirl:

Also, did you see the AT&T story on Yahoo yesterday? Trying to scare those internet addicts that the Internet could reach capacity by 2010, etc. etc.

Worth a look, I know another agenda is Internet2 which will be so regulated and costly, many will have to break their addiction now while they can! LOL Wonder what will happen to the MMORPGers.

Peace brother, thanks for the heads up!

Dedroidify said...

Thanks dude, great info.

If that internet2 comes through and there aren't any riots I dunno wtf will cause 'em lol!

I added your links to the post as they're too good not to share, also added the torpark link for anonymous browsing!