Monday, April 21, 2008

Daily Dedroidify: Kabbalah & The Tree of Life

Daily Dedroidify: Kabbalah & The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life (more at the page, this post is just an excerpt) describes the descent of the divine into the manifest world, and methods by which divine union may be attained in this life. It can be viewed as a map of the human psyche and of the workings of creation, both manifest and unmanifest. Indeed, any system can be more fully understood both in itself and relative to any other system by viewing it in relation to the Tree of Life. The Tree allows and requires a more holistic understanding of any topic to which it is applied - reason, spiritual perception and intuition are all needed, as is clear from the structure of the Tree itself.

It is important to realize that the pure nature of divinity is unity, and that the seemingly separate aspects or emanations exist only in view of the emanated, living in a state of illusory separation.

Qabalah could be thought on as the mathematics of the esoteric with the literary side consisting of legends, myths and lore. In Qabalah numbers have a deeper significance. This could be because numbers have mystical properties in themselves, or it could be that numbers, being the purest of symbols, are appropriate entities to hang metaphysical concepts on.

It is difficult to imagine, but the originators of Qabalah had a very different number system from the one we are familiar with today. There is a difference between cardinal numbers (how many there are: 1, 2, 3 ...) and ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd ...). To represent cardinal numbers the early Semitic people used letters : aleph = 1, beth = 2, ... This is the basis of Gematria, where words also have numerical values.

Note: I still have no freaking idea how this model can be of any use to me practically :p. I find it hopelessly unnecessarily complicated and elaborate compared to say, the 8 Circuit model, but I admit I'm very much still a novice. Though comments or tips on excellent (explaining) Kabbalah books would be appreciated :).
That being said, check out this video which explains it more or less, at least you learn some new kabbalah and tarot symbolism which is always useful. Presented by the wonderful scottish Merlyn, check out the notes along with the vid.

GV: Merlyn's Praxis: Tree of Life and Tarot
Merlyn's Notes and Images - Audiostream - mp3 download


Anonymous said...

Some of it is about activating and using the merkavah (or merkabah), which is the real-life version of being able to fly about and do acrobatics in 'the matrix', and the same kind of thing as martial arts describes as having connected to the heavenly dragon - and you are able to do 'superhuman' moves.

The 'delta-T' of Montauk Project lore, is a type of artificial (built external to the body) merkavah field, used for time-space travel / stargates (UFOs, Chariots).

There seemed to be a version going around the internet in the late 90s of a secret last breath of a merkabah meditation (the one(s) you're meant to find out for yourself), meant to send you into 4D proper (ie - ascend), but I reckon it just disattached your mind from your body and sent your head into the astral instead, cause I tried it and all it did was a really dodgy form of remote viewing.

Dedroidify said...

Interesting, I tried the merkabah meditation a few times and nothing much happened. I get bored real quick with extensive meditations. I prefer to keep it freaking simple :p No need in forcing anything either.

Anonymous said...

Nothing happened for me during the usual version, just similar to any other meditation except you have to do various visualisations etc; but the 'extra breath' floating around net pages was certainly some really stupid instructions; the merkabah is best thought of like they teach you how to start the car but not drive it; that 'extra breath' thing is the equivalent of giving you bs instructions on how to drive - eg, put the brakes & gas on at the same time.

I knew some folks that did a workshop with a guy that claimed to be an incarnation of the Drunvalo guy that wrote the FOL books, and they claimed his merkabah meditations let them go into the future; but I think they were insane and he just messed with their heads astrally; cause later on the guy he claimed to be put a disclaimer on his website saying all the other teachers claiming to be incarnations of him were just making it up.

Chela said...

Nice to see another person presenting the Arcanum. Very nice.

Peace & blessings