Monday, April 28, 2008

Matthew Delooze and the trannies

Thanks to Gosporn (mandatory internet warning for sexual content) for introducing me to Michael Delooze (official website here), who is also into synchromysticism, symbolism & conspiracy. He has some great articles that I just only started checking out:

"Matthew Delooze holds that the world is in thrall to trans-dimensional beings (trannies?) [dedroidify goes ROFL!] who feed on our spiritual energy. This energy is created via emotion and ‘respect’, AKA worship. The general idea being that these “reptilians” have bribed the elite with wealth and social position in order to facilitate the flow of this spiritual “spice”. The spice is created via spectacular public events (sports, concerts, religious festivals, disasters) and then siphoned off to these beings through symbols, the most powerful being monumental architecture - the spiritual milking machines of the human race. That’s pretty wild, but no crazier than any other religion - and it would explain a lot." Gosporn


Michael Skaggs said...

I had read some of Matts work awhile back when I was reviewing David Icke's work. In an infinite Universe there are infinite possibilities, anything is possible! His write up on the symbolisms during the Earth Day events are great!

Thanks Dedro! Peace brother!

Anonymous said...

Matthew would do well to check out John Lash's work on Gnosticism, Castaneda and the concept of the Archons (the trannies) who have given us their 'mind' to confuse and obstruct our spiritual progress.