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Reality Sandwich has a great post up on Synchromysticism featuring mostly Jake Kotze's fascinating work.

Great recent synchromystic posts:
Jake has a fascinating 9/11 related post up awesomely called "What a Big Fucking Lizard, Lord!" The 911 Dinosaur Mystery"

Chris Knowles from Secret Sun posted a very interesting vid of him, Douglas Rushkoff and others at NYCC panel talking about Chris' fascinating book Our Gods Wear Spandex.

Atlantean Times asks Who wants to be a Fake 911 Millionaire? in an amazing post I'm still digesting. Check this out, AT mentions:
Shortly before becoming a household name on Have I Got News for You, Merton had suffered a mental breakdown and booked himself into the Maudsley psychiatric hospital for six weeks,[4] about which he has since talked frankly, in an interview with The Guardian he was reported to have been "hallucinating conversations with friends, and became convinced he was a target for the Freemasons".[5]
Now if you follow that link to five you go to the wiki article links and then follow the link that's the source for that, you will - incredibly - see this, look at the spacing of television:
'I was starting to frighten people and they were starting to frighten me,' he smiles wryly. His stay at the Maudsley wasn't entirely without laughs. A psychiatrist felt he had to humour him when he said he appeared on the televi sion ('Like I'd said I'd gone to Jupiter to buy a jumper') and Merton had to show him a tape to prove it. Since then, he's done a bit here and there for mental health charities.
Can't believe I didn't realize that sooner, in my defense, "television" in my flemish language is "televisie". Relating little to Zion or the Sun ;) If this didn't make much sense to you, the Illuminati use loads of Solar Symbolism. For instance in religion: Jesus is the Sun/Son of God. Check out these two posts at the Secret Sun: One & Two.

Thuth from Thuthter Thoughts (that just sounds great :p) talks about Iron Man and Oz & Ufos.

And Hidden Agendas has an amazing inspirational post on Belief Systems and Synchromysticism. "Everyone's path to "truth" is separate and different from everyone else's."

Always check the comments of Synchromystic blogposts! It's a wonderful community of people who love to share and learn.

Here's the Chris Knowles vid:

Our Gods Wear Spandex - NYCC panel

Panel at New York Comic Con on April 19, 2008 on the topic of Christopher Knowles' book Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes. Moderated by A. Davis Lewis, panelists include Christopher Knowles, Testament creator Douglas Rushkoff, Cairo author G. Willow Wilson, Virgin Comics writer Saurav Mohapatra and DC Comics legend Denny O'Neil. Panel discusses the archetypes of comic book superheroes, their function in modern culture and the future of the genre. Questions are also taken from the audience.

The vid features a Kean Cameo in the beginning :p. From A Kean Eye, check out this post about Bears and the comments, It seems Kean & I have some affinity with the Bear archetype.

And lol, I didn't even realize I was wearing this crazy bear t-shirt I got from Thailand with all other kinds of crazy symbolism under a vest the entire day.

You can see dancing bears and the second one is holding a Rose, Sun Set: Seth lord of darkness which could be the (one-eyed) skull, Pyramids at the top and twin pairs of Sumerian type wings and palm trees. Dig for the symbolism a bit yourselves too. Don't worry, outside I keep this shirt under the vest ;). Haha.

Oh and finally,
I wanna thank the admin of very much for linking me so soon on that site. Since I don't know who you are, allow me to suggest here that maybe it's better to only link my posts labeled synchromystic as this blog posts brainfood of all kinds and isn't as specialized as the other great synchromystic bloggers. Thanks again! :)

Propaganda as Institutional Self-Deception

Remember this NY Times article: "Behind Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand"? Also check the amazing article: Propaganda as Institutional Self-Deception at Reality Sandwich
"Trouble is, how do we get these guys into a reality detox center?

Don't forget these are the same policy makers who brought us Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Try to remember that historically people who use torture do so because they have no other way to change reality. Think back to the heretics who said the world was round, or that the Earth orbited the sun. Rather than concede to the simple evidence of nature's laws, it's more convenient to simply torture, imprison or murder those who refute you. That, or give them company stock from your friendly, local military contractor. Regardless, the Pentagon and its pliant media could surely benefit from this geography lesson: Denial ain't a river in Egypt."

Read the entire great article here at Reality Sandwich.

Here's the NY times piece:
Behind Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

In the summer of 2005, the Bush administration confronted a fresh wave of criticism over Guantánamo Bay. The detention center had just been branded “the gulag of our times” by Amnesty International, there were new allegations of abuse from United Nations human rights experts and calls were mounting for its closure.

The administration’s communications experts responded swiftly. Early one Friday morning, they put a group of retired military officers on one of the jets normally used by Vice President Dick Cheney and flew them to Cuba for a carefully orchestrated tour of Guantánamo.

To the public, these men are members of a familiar fraternity, presented tens of thousands of times on television and radio as “military analysts” whose long service has equipped them to give authoritative and unfettered judgments about the most pressing issues of the post-Sept. 11 world.

Hidden behind that appearance of objectivity, though, is a Pentagon information apparatus that has used those analysts in a campaign to generate favorable news coverage of the administration’s wartime performance, an examination by The New York Times has found.

Read on at NY Times

Both sides of the Story & Tech-No-Logic

Multiple sides are even better - who's to say there's only two?! I went to the library yesterday and am doing something really interesting, I'm reading a book that criticizes the underlying assumptions that Freudian psychoanalysis is built on by Filip Buekens: "Freud's mistake, illusions of psychoanalysis" - AND - I'm reading a book that explains Lacanian psychoanalysis (Jacques Lacan) with popular culture (famous books, philosophy and movies) by Slavoj Zizek called "Looking Awry" (I don't know either author and hadn't heard of Lacan either, which rocks cause there's less to judge in advance :p). This was purely on a whim as the books kinda jumped out as they tend to do. Interestingly Buekens also has a book criticizing Lacan's ideas but my library doesn't have it so small chance of seeing that. Zizek's book explaining Lacan which starts by using Zeno's paradoxes is absolutely fascinating and is even shedding light on teachings of Buddha and Eckhart Tolle for me!

It's way too early to post something yet out of the books (though that hasn't stopped me before, watch out the coming days :p) but it's VERY enlightening to read different perspectives on one topic simultaniously, from the little I had read about psychoanalysis I wasn't very positive towards it. The Woody Allen psychoanalysis jokes in his movies are hilarious, and then there's all the Freudian BS of institutionalizing it fast - partly because according to Tad James he sucked at hypnosis with his gums ruined from all the cocaine he used and false teeth not fitting well not being very trance inducing :p - so he invented "talking therapy" which was gonna take long and cost a lot of money! That probably got a lot of folks on board easily! And hypnosis got demonized and obscured. Carl Jung's more interesting (to me) analytical psychology probably remains relatively obscure because the man was far ahead of his time. That being said, I haven't experienced psychoanalysis or analytical psychology so please let me know if you have and what you think of it.

Ok but this post was basically about... - bear with me ok :p it gets interesting again after this bit - my audio-input of another (sony) mp3player is broken again! These trinkets that cost so much money... the last one didn't even last me a damn year. This is my freaking fifth one or something! Maybe I oughta keep one to hook on to speakers in the bathroom and another one for on the go so the audiojack can't wear out. Damn wish I thought of that sooner.

Still! Does anybody know an mp3player with a decent audio-input that doesn't wear out fast? (Don't recommend Ipod cause they wear as fast as Sony, and btw the previous version of my mp3player was way better than the current one lol). I use it a lot for audiobooks on the go and occasional binaural beat or guided meditations so your advice would be appreciated!

I bet some of you have no idea how I'm gonna tie this to psychoanalysis or Freud. Well there's an Anime series (where the hell is he going now!? :p) called Ergo Proxy, which features a lot of cool philosophy and psychology in it. For instance Pierre-Félix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze, who both went against Freudian understanding and the capitalist theory that desires come from a sense of lack, and that the only way to meet those desires is to consume - this is why upgrades SUCK in technology, because the companies know thanks to Freud & other schmucks that they can make money off the next near-meaningless upgrade which you'll probably buy to fill that illusionary 'emptiness' you think exists - Instead, Guattari and Deleuze claim that desire is a productive force. Which I totally agree with, when I was younger and working in IT at an international company I wasted my money on all kinds of dumb gadgets I thought was gonna make me happy - I'm infinitely happier exploring consciousness, learning and spreading information than I was playing with toys for the little time they were interesting before they got boring and got tossed aside.

Jacque Fresco's work reflects this too - if his Venus Project would be applied to society we could all be productive and enjoying ourselves in learning, teaching, creating and so on. And if more people realized this we wouldn't have a capitalist system based on debt, instant meaningless gratification and snailpaced (public) progress in science, technology and consciousness. It's not what's been selling, it's what you're buying! Choose wisely on what you spend your bio-survival paper tickets on.

Daft Punk: Tech no logic (check out Daft Hands if you're bored too ;p)

Now for the other side of technology. It is obviously not technology that's the problem, but the application of it. So while also nodding to Fresco's work again, here's an interesting quote:
"It's very obvious that quantum physics, parapsychology and all the work they're doing attaching brain scanners to Yogis and Zen masters means we're going to learn a great deal about the non-local quantum circuit. I think the history of mysticism has been sort of like a bunch of firecrackers with two or three going off every century. With the LSD revolution it became two or three every month and now it's moving up to two or three every week. I see a real acceleration in consciousness, just like in technology."
Robert Anton Wilson

Slacker - Directed by Richard Linklater

Slacker Intro (Starts talking at 2nd minute)

The opening scene from director Richard Linklater's (Waking Life, A Scanner Darkly, Dazed & Confused, Fast Food Nation) first film, Slacker, set and filmed in Austin, TX.

Linklater discusses dreams and alternate realities with the cab driver - a main thematic undercurrent in the film.

Stephen Colbert on Larry King

Stephen Colbert on Larry King part 1 & the rest

ROFL @ the hope bong!
Take everything he says seriously! :p

Daily Dedroidify: Philip K. Dick

Daily Dedroidify: Philip K. Dick

PKD was an American science fiction writer and novelist who changed the genre profoundly. Though hailed during his lifetime by peers, Dick received little public recognition until after his death, when several popular film adaptations of his novels [Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?), Total Recall (We Can Remember It for You Wholesale), Minority Report, Paycheck, the Truman Show (Time Out of Joint), A Scanner Darkly & PKD inspired Southland Tales] introduced him to a larger audience. (His books outclass the movie adaptations by far.) His work is now some of the most popular in science fiction, and Dick has gained both general acclaim and critical respect, though, sadly, most of the popular interest in his work has occured after his death.

In February and March 1974, Dick experienced a series of visions and auditions including an information-rich "pink light" beam that transmitted directly into his consciousness. A year after the events, in March 1975, Dick summarized the 2-3-74 experiences that would pervade his writing for the final eight years of his life:

# March 18, 1974: It, from inside me, looked out and saw the world did not compute, that I - and it - had been lied to. It denied the reality, and power, and authenticity of the world, saying, 'This cannot exist; it cannot exist.'
# March 20, 1974: It seized me entirely, lifting me from the limitations of the space-time matrix; it mastered me as, at the same time, I knew that the world around me was cardboard, a fake. Through its power of perception I saw what really existed, and through its power of no-thought decision, I acted to free myself.

There are those who are eager to create a 'Saint Phil' who emerged from this experience. In that regard, it's wise to remember that Dick himself always bore in mind what he called the "minimum hypothesis" -that is, the possibility that all that he had undergone was merely self-delusion. On the other hand, there are those who regard Dick as a charlatan who foisted upon his readers a pseudo-mystical revelation fueled by mental disorder. But surely a charlatan is one who insists on the seriousness and accuracy of his claims. This Dick never did. One has only to go and read VALIS (1981) to find a piercingly knowing humor in Dick's portrayal of himself as Horselover Fat: "Fat must have come up with more theories than there are stars in the universe. Every day he developed a new one, more cunning, more exciting and more fucked."

Those who insist on the "truth" or "falsehood" of Dick's experience of 2-3-74 are missing the central point: that those experiences provided him with the means to explore, with integrity, insight, and humility, the difficulties of making sense of any spiritual path in a relentlessly secular and cynical Western culture in which even apparent revelations can be instantly repackaged as popular entertainment.

PKD wrote a captivating essay called 'How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later' after a series of recurring strange events in his life with VALIS that Rome's civilisation never ended and we were still there. In the philosophical movie 'Waking Life' by Richard Linklater (Who is directed 'A Scanner Darkly'), they expand on the essay, that PKD wasn't far from the truth... that there's only one instant, and it's right now. And it's eternity. On the other hand, if you consider the vatican's world influence you could indeed say that Rome civilisation is still in effect...

At one point, during an encounter with VALIS, Dick learned that his infant son was in danger of perishing from an unnamed malady. Routine checkups on the child had shown no trouble or illness; however, Dick insisted that thorough tests be run to ensure his son's health. The doctor eventually complied, despite the fact that there were no apparent symptoms. During the examination doctors discovered an inguinal hernia, which would have killed the child if an operation was not quickly performed. His son survived thanks to the operation, which Dick attributed to the "intervention" of VALIS.

"After all, if you're a buddha, you should be able to figure it out for yourself."
Philip K. Dick

We Are Change confronts Schwarzenegger

We Are Change confronts Schwarzenegger

I love these guys:
See the powers that be are not that powerful at all, look at how they squirm when confronted. And look at how sheepish the security is, wtf, are those robots already? :p (for clarification, robots=conditioned people :p)

And in case you heard about the incident, check this and the video:

Secret Service (SS) Provocateur attacks WeAreChange

Bohemian Grove Primer

Bohemian Grove Primer