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Daily Dedroidify: The Pineal Gland / Third Eye / Ajna Chakra

Daily Dedroidify: The Pineal Gland / Third Eye / Ajna Chakra

The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the brain. It is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, close to the emotional centers.

# René Descartes, French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. Dubbed the "Founder of Modern Philosophy" and the "Father of Modern Mathematics and Science," called it the seat of the soul.
# It is associated with the sixth chakra, the Ajna chakra or third eye. It is believed by some to be a dormant organ that can be awakened to enable "telepathic" communication.
# The Pineal Gland produces a chemical called DMT, N,N-dimethyltryptamine an extremely short-acting but very powerful psychedelic.
# Dr Rick Strassman, who in his research gave sixty volunteers nearly 400 doses of DMT, speculated about endogenous DMT's role in dreams, meditation & spiritual experiences, birth, alien entity contact, near-death & death experiences in his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule.
# The research by dr Rick Strassman showed it could very well be the entry and exit to this and other worlds, aswell as the collective unconscious.
# In the wonderful documentary series Magical Egypt, John Anthony West explains that Rene Schwaller's work shows ancient Egypt was already well aware of the chakra system aswell, as they built The Temple of Luxor based on it.

Joe Rogan: DMT changes everything

# Excerpts from DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman: The pineal gland is unique in its solitary status within the brain. All other brain sites are paired, meaning that they have left and right counterparts; for example, there are left and right frontal lobes and left and right temporal lobes. As the only unpaired organ deep within the brain, the pineal gland remained an anatomical curiosity for nearly two thousand years. No one in the West had any idea what its function was.
# Interest in the pineal accelerated after it attracted Rene Descartes's attention. This seventeenth-century French philosopher and mathematician, who said, "I think, therefore I am," needed a source for those thoughts. Introspection showed him that it was possible to think only one thought at a time. From where in the brain might these unpaired, solitary thoughts arise? Descartes proposed that the pineal, the only singleton organ of the brain, generated thoughts. In addition, he believed the pineal's location, directly above one of the crucial byways for the cerebrospinal fluid, made this function even more likely. He thus proposed that the pineal gland somehow was the "seat of the soul," the intermediary between the spiritual and physical. The body and the spirit met there, each affecting the other, and the repercussions extended in both directions.
# The human pineal gland becomes visible in the developing fetus at seven weeks, or 49 days, after conception. Of great interest to me was finding out that this is nearly exactly the moment in which one can clearly see the first indication of male or female gender. Before this time, the sex of the fetus is indeterminate, or unknown. Thus, the pineal gland and the most important differentiation of humanity, male & female gender, appear at the same time.
# I already knew that the Tibetan Buddhist Book of the Dead teaches that it takes 49 days for the soul of the recently dead to "reincarnate." That is, seven weeks from the time of death of one person elapses until the life-force's "rebirth" into its next body. I remember very clearly, several years later, feeling the chill along my spine when, reading my textbook of human fetal development, I discovered this same forty-nineday interval marking two landmark events in human embryo formation. It takes forty-nine days from conception for the first signs of the human pineal to appear. Forty-nine days is also when the fetus differentiates into male or female gender. Thus the soul's rebirth, the pineal, and the sexual organs all require forty-nine days before they manifest.

During his research Strassman encountered an uneasy frequency of Alien Entity contacts which he was not really prepared for, the volunteers reported that these experiences were different from the other effects and trip states of DMT and seemed "more real than real."

Also see The Collective Unconscious, which is at Circuit 7 in Leary's 8 Circuit model, however Circuit 8 is Cosmic Consciousness, still with me? :p -

Joe Rogan talks about DMT (Tool & Alex Grey remix)

Fanatic Magazine: What do you think is the significance of Sirius?
Robert Anton Wilson: It could well be a red herring. It could be our own minds developing and we need to have some kind of entity that we can project all this on to. It could be that their are no 'allies', no Holy Guardian Angels, no extraterrestrials at Sirius. But there's a whole chain of amazing coincidence. A guy I know named Neo Wilgus, who's done another book on the Illuminati which is coming out soon, said that while he was researching it he couldn't go into a bookstore without picking a book up and opening it at a page which referred to the Illuminati. That happened to Shea and myself while we were writing Illuminatus! Once I got into the Sirius thing it kept happening. I went into a bookstore and looked at a book by J.F. Bennett called Gurdjieff, Making a New World. I opened it at random and found this passage where Gurdjieff talks about the hidden references to Sirius in Beelzebub's tales to his grandson. I said, 'What! Gurdjieff is making hidden references to Sirius - why?' Then I found hidden references in Crowley's work that Kenneth Grant talks about. There it seems much more than synchronicity. Grant says that Crowley was in contact with extraterrestrials and that Sirius was the Silver Star that's referred to in a lot of Crowley's poetry - the Argentum Astrum [also the name of Crowley's secret magickal order].

# Contact Through the Veil: 1 Reports of "entity" contact are found even in early 1950's human DMT research. Included here are excerpts from volunteers' sessions in which entity contact was a significant aspect of a particular DMT session. Lucas approached a landing bay on a space station, accompanied by humanoid automatons. Chris met three reptilian creatures who opened up their bodies, showing him the nature of their reproductive processes. Jeremiah landed in a nursery where alien caretakers looked after him, but only in a most casual manner. He then experienced a session in which his brain was reprogrammed by a "master technician" sitting at a computer console. Dmitri found himself tested, probed, and examined by "aliens" in a high technology laboratory, and made a deeply sensual connection with one in particular, "who seemed in charge." Ben also found himself on an examination table; however, the beings appeared to him as Saguaro cactus creatures, one of whom implanted a probe under his skin. When Ben came to, he was convinced that this implant was a tracking device and had no doubt about its real, but intangible, presence. I address volunteers' and my difficulties making sense of the unexpectedly high frequency of contact with beings. Biological, psychological, or symbolic explanations generally fell flat, so I compromised by responding to volunteers' stories with the thought-experiment: reacting to them "as if they were true."
# Contact Through the Veil: 2 This chapter discusses two volunteers' extraordinarily detailed and complex encounters with beings. Rex's heart, his emotional center, was consumed by feasting alien insects during his first high dose, and he was certain he was dying. Relaxing into the experience, the eating became sexual, and he was deeply shaken by the idea of sex with alien insects. He returned for additional studies and met a friendly helper "female" insect, or bee-like being, who attempted to communicate with him, but the vibrations this attempt produced in him were unbearable. His last session involved entrance into a "hive of the future," accompanied by another entity, but he lost consciousness upon entering the depth of the hive. Sara's first high dose session was a blast into the void, a terribly frightening experience in solitude. However, regaining her bearings, she felt there was something to see, but wasn't sure if she'd know it when if she encountered it. During her tolerance session she made contact with a "race of beings from another planet" who had lost their ability to experience love and feelings because they had no physical bodies. She generated a tremendous bright ball of light and "passed it over" to them, using her body as a conduit during the exhausting last tolerance session. I discuss the alien contact experience, as summarized by Harvard psychiatrist John Mack in his books Abduction and Passport to the Cosmos, and note the striking resemblances between his reports and those of our volunteers.

If you're Third Eye Blind, it's time to open your mind!

"DMT Is Everywhere. DMT is... in this flower here, in that tree over there, and in yonder animal. It is, most simply, almost everywhere you choose to look." Alexander Shulgin

"The discovery of DMT in the human body stimulated much less fanfare than did that of endorphins. Anti-psychedelic-drug sentiment sweeping the USA at the time actually turned researchers against studying endogenous DMT. The discoverers of endorphins, in contrast, won Nobel Prizes..." Rick Strassman

Joe Rogan talks about DMT 1 (Mixed with Shpongle's Divine Moments of Truth

Joe Rogan talks about DMT 2 (Mixed with Shpongle's Divine Moments of Truth

Graham Hancock: Supernatural
I finished reading this great book, which I bought in Phuket Airport Thailand btw. The book explores cave paintings (but also egyptian and mayan images) from all over the world which clearly depict what happens in shamanistic trances: being entoptic visuals (geometric stuff), therianthropic lifeforms (man-animal crossings, including the insectoid 'grey' aliens), and the wounded-man pattern. A pattern of shamanistic trances where visual patterns are very often observed, along with the craziest lifeforms you can('t) imagine and where a kind of ego-death or psychic surgery is going on - very much comparable to the alien experimentation so familiar. It also touches on the amazing similarities between fairy lore & alien abduction scenarios where ALL aspects of both experiences are completely similar.

Now we know (well, psychonauts know, the rest are welcome to join QUICKLY :p) that DMT is a hallucinogen endogenously (that means derived internally) found in the human brain, presumably produced by the pineal gland (aka third eye) and plays a big role in birth, near-death (the white light and OBE experiences), death, alien abduction, UFO & fairy encounters, but also the enlightening spiritual visions during meditation! It is also found or related to most if not all hallucinogenic materials: eg. psylocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, ibogaine and one can even smoke or take pure extracted DMT intravenously. (actually dmt is found in almost all lifeforms, including) We know that altered states, closely linked to DMT activity, is very most likely the origin of all religion which have then lost their trancework. Indeed traces of altered states are found in eg: Ancient Egypt & Greece, the Mayan, Cave paintings, and all religious scriptures.

However what's going on exactly we don't know yet, we can assume that our brain switches frequency like a radio to pick up other levels of reality, possibly parallel universes or dark matter as Rick Strassman (from the famous DMT studies & book DMT: The Spirit Molecule) also suggests. However are these entities we encounter 'real'? They most certainly seem to posess intelligence.

What I myself have discovered is, because I happened to be reading a book on Alchemy by Carl Jung by coincidence at the same time, is that the aspects of hybrid babies, intercourse with these beings, psychic surgery, the wounded man, etc also all occur in alchemical symbology!

Do these spirit worlds in fact 'exist'? Who knows? One thing is for certain, that the symbology of interacting with these worlds and beings, wether a projection of the psyche or not, also reflects in alchemical and mystical symbology and thus in the collective unconscious, on the path to enlightenment. As above, so below!

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