Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jesus the latest Family Guy was funny

Jesus the latest Family Guy (s7e02) was funny (clip)

added: synchromystic write-up here


Christina Georgiou said...

That really was a hysterical episode, one of the best of the revived series...I liked the original Family Guy, but the revived version seemed to be very focused on toilet humor and violence...

I'm surprised you didn't mention the posters in the clip. Okay, so Dark Side of the Moon is ubiquitous, and the angel poster ( I forget what CD cover that was)...But the REM (dreaming asleep) poster over Peter's head? (That's the one with the weird star thing). Or "Atomic Boy" on the counter infront of Jesus...fun...

I just checked out the full episode show on Hulu...Other good synchwinks include the intelligent 'dog' questioning "God". The globe with wings on the fountain when Jesus walks on water...And how Jesus sports a golden triangle necklace (reminiscent of a golden pyramid) when he gets famous and 'corrupt'...

Great show. Thanks.

Dedroidify said...

Hey give us some time ;p I'll definitely post this (if ye allows it, all yer syncs shall be credited ;p) for I must! Cause I might finally be able to persuade some buddies I'm not completely loco for looking for symbolism in stuff ;p

You noticed a lot I didn't (what I love about sharing syncs). There was also the pink floyd poster, the spiked hellraiser-like cube.

Amy Grant poster (Am I Grand? ;p), Grant etymology: c.1225, "what is agreed to," from Anglo-Fr. graunter, from O.Fr. granter, variant of creanter "to promise, guarantee, confirm, authorize," from L. credentem (nom. credens), prp. of credere "to BELIEVE, to TRUST." The verb is first attested c.1300. To take (something) for GRANTED (1615) is from the sense of "admitted, acknowledged."

The "organic" recycling sticker under jesus, and an atomic MUSHROOM cloud poster when zooming out with a CAT(ma) sticker next to it. The angel poster is "In Utero" from Nirvana - perhaps we are "in the uterus" ready to be "reborn" into "christ consciousness"

there is probably so much more, in the previous episode when the Dog Star Sirius, I mean Brian is going to the library, there is a blatant illuminati eye in the triangle book there.

Christina Georgiou said...

"the spiked hellraiser-like cube" is the front cover of REM's 'Automatic for the People'...Was out and big in 1992, so maybe it's not that recognizable if one came along later. Was also the beginning of what I personally term REM's 'dark side period'. I really didn't like 'Drive', the radio hit of the time--it seemed so pretentiously classist and supportive of that mindset.

Mushroom cloud is "Atomic Boy".

The Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon cover is the 'ubiquitous' one I mentioned earlier. I know all the synchromystics are crazy about that one, but seriously, I don't know a CD/record store in America that doesn't have that on the wall, 'cept maybe the chain ones. And even they do that sometimes. It just says 'Record Store' in that context to me...but hey, if it speaks to one, it means something right?

More later...

Christina Georgiou said...

The name 'Amy' means 'friend' from the French 'ami', and a 'grant' is also that which is 'given', usually freely or for free...

Which is pretty funny, considering who and what she stood for...Put it together with your entymology and you've got a lot to work with.

As for your friends...well, only if and when they're ready...good luck...

Having fun with this too...Credit is not necessary in this case, but always appreciated... ;)

Dedroidify said...

Geez I mustn't have been very awake yet when I read your comment hehe, for instance I thought I read "(dreaming asleep) poster over Peter's BED" lol! and that you were talking of other segments in the episode ;p

I just saw a spiked cube in this week's episode of sarah connor chronicles, already uploaded it so I won't forget

(right to the other thingy on the table), while the two in the background are reading The Wizard of Oz, LOL, dark side of the moon SYNC.

Both series are from Fox, this feels more like planted symbolism than synchronicity at the mo.

have to split shortly, back this evening, geez I have my work cut out for me hehe.

Christina Georgiou said...

"(right to the other thingy on the table), while the two in the background are reading The Wizard of Oz, LOL, dark side of the moon SYNC."

Was this in the Family Guy episode somewhere else, or the Sarah Connor series? I'm not getting you here...Though how the DSofTM and Oz syncs, I get.

Dedroidify said...

In the Sarah Connor series. Check the picture again you can see them reading it. (if it's too dark up the brightness somehow, in the post I'll take some more pics with other angles cause it's not that easy to recognize both shapes if it's just one image and not video)

(some copy pasting here)
on the right to the other thingy that's left on the table (do you know what that is called? ;p)

while the two in Sarah Connor chronicles - Sarah Connor and a boy she's protecting - in the background are reading The Wizard of Oz, LOL, dark side of the moon SYNC. So both scenes sync up, or were meant to. I'm really gone now! hehe, see you later


Christina Georgiou said...

Just checked out the image link...Okay, I get it now, sort of. Though I'm not sure how the stars relate to the Oz or Dark Side of the Moon bit...

The REM cover is close to, but not exactly the stars on the table in the Sarah Connor image. I'd have to say they have very different meanings though.

The stars on the table are both variants of Moravian stars...You can find a bunch of images of them here:

The ones on the table are fairly traditional. (The link has a few that aren't actually Moravians, but people sometimes get confused. The 'real' ones are always 3D, not 2d, and usually have 20 points, though more or less can be okay.) Moravian stars are fairly old, though not really ancient. Early to mid 19th century, if I remember correctly. And created as part of a geometry lesson for Moravian kids--they're extruded platonic solids.

The City of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, about 10 miles from where I live, was/is home to a Moravian community and there are similar stars all over the place around here--often they are made into lights. (They had some communities in Europe too, I think.) Modern Moravians are pretty 'normal', but they were a closed religious community for a long time. Their way of life was pretty regimented and communally oriented, but not all that radical really, other than the fact that they didn't allow outsiders except as visitors. They were very good craftsmen, very educated for the time period. Performed some interesting engineering feats too, such as a running water system in the 18th c. Thomas Jefferson visited them and was quite impressed, if I remember my history correctly.

Since they are extruded platonic solids, they can be equated with triangular tesseracts...which usually symbolize interdimensional planes intersecting, probably the symbolism meant by putting them on her coffee table like that. But as far as I know, the Moravians don't attach any religious significance to them...

Moravian stars are rather popular sales items, especially around Christmas. They were originally constructed of paper, but glass ones, soldered at the joints are probably more common now.

I got into sacred geometry out of the blue a bunch of months ago, and made some myself, though they are not really part of that. I wanted to see how some shapes interact in 3D. Send you a photo later, if you like.

Benjamin S said...

See American Dad too? Roger is an MK victim with alien/abduction programming clearly ;P "Something in me split", his alter-personalities etc [in FG that song surfin bird literally hurts my brain; it's like the only song from the Vietnam era that I don't like. Damn funny the way they used it (though it felt like it was probably just FOX triggering a bunch Monarch slaves who had that song used in their programming)]

This season has been damn funny so far (FG in particular). I picked up on that all seeing eye in the triangle (in the frame with Dawkins' God Delusion when Brian tries to grab GD; also one with a bowler hat on it) in the FG episode too; seemed strangely blatant as well as a few other things like Stewie (constant sexual related jokes about him in the show; a talking baby) dressed in an owl costume.

I read through your open minded Fringe post and it is a top analysis mate; looking forward to your posts on future episodes. Also, it's interesting that Walter = ruler of the army. When Walter broken down = W+'alter'/'Walt' as in Disney. Giving us some hints as to how they rule us? [i.e through mind control, programmed alters, Disney/media conditioning etc] But you know my opinion on it (Abrams films and movie/tv synchs in general); it's usually very consciously planted symbolism.

Nice work, thanks muchly. New South Park starts tonight too :D

Michael Skaggs said...

OMF Word, that was funny man!

Thanks for posting that!!

Ever see "Office Jesus" skits that were on G4TV series X-Play? Those are freakin funny!

Be well!!

Dedroidify said...

crazy day so I'll have to make this short

IG: Oz & Dark side of the Moon are famous for being sync'd

Didn't realize the REM cover was that portruding-cube thingy at first.
It is exactly the same as the right thing on the table, the angle is not so good, when I have time to post I'll clarify this with better screenshots.

The thing on the left is indeed a Morovian star, but the one on the right is a portruding-cube like the REM poster, trust me for now ;p

Fascinating they resonate tesseracts, all I need to know - religious significance teehee! misnomer ;p hehe

I love 3D and geometry images so send away!

Dedroidify said...

No I don't watch that show, I personally can't stand the "conservative type" humor, it's too easy and yet hard to make funny apparently since Americans suck balls at it in my opinion. I find it way funnier just watching a conservative than a spoof of one, it's like redundant or something.

Your filter is obviously the Mind Control one ;p For some reason I feel you're doing all that work so I don't have to hehe, I don't know how you can stay so cheery exposing all that dark stuff dude!

I agree a lot is consciously planted symbolism, yet I don't equate the "esoteric or occult" with Mind Control.
I think other possible avenues are: substition of the alchemical process through fiction, or just the association of symbol to resonate the often dull material more strongly, like the Solar Symbolism in movies for instance.

I now call my synchromystic posts an excuse to talk about the esoteric (world affairs or consciousness) departing from the exoteric. Ha! Simple! ;p

Have you read that Svali post where she says most of the Mind Control is for the puppets, and the rest of it is passive for us? It is possible I think, and helped explain a lot to me, a very useful possible filter.

I see a lot of this passive programming in dialogue, to influence beliefs and stereotypes for instance) It's just a possible filter, but I don't think checkerboards and broken mirros and other MK symbolism really affect me wether I am conscious of it or not. But perhaps they do affect the (poor) MK victims tremendously?

It is fascinating though to draw out all the puppets by analyzing that symbolism. It's like the iLLuminidiots are saying "HEY wanna know who works for us?" :p

I also think entertainment has a combination of functions, distraction, material focus, enhancement of stereotypes and beliefs, alchemical substitution, but one can find the positive in a lot of fiction too and transmute if necessary.

Then there's synchronicities that Jake and Steve take care of, but as you I am not sure if those are unintentional by Hollywood at all, I just don't know and wonder about this possible Occult agenda (but see it seperate from the MK agenda)
I wonder if 2012 and its symbolism in fiction isn't just the same as the damn NWO?!

The variety of interpretations, reality tunnels and filters is what make "Synchromysticism" (in all its definitions) so interesting! It's a very broad scope and we all do our part. I think it'd be very boring if we all had the same take!

South Park is hilariously awesome, so looking forward to the new episodes.
But at the same time I also have an incredible contempt for the "illuminated" creators (see 9/11 episode, etc). They could be upping the ante, but something has gotten in the way... Which is such a shame of wasted potential eh?

Peace dude

Dedroidify said...

Hey Michael

LOL at Office Jesus! Just saw that for the first time, what a son of a ... :p

Peace dude!

Michael Skaggs said...


Your reply to Ben was just excellent, I was thinking this very same thing, the NWO and Occult Hollywood there just as distractions/filters. But what do we make of the Eugenicist, Singulartarian/Transhumanist movement? I feel that one is sneaking up on everyone's asses while we get distracted with NWO, 2012, and Occult Hollywood.

I will admit, one cannot associate esoteric with mind control, it's just that the groups/societies behind the Mind Control just so happen to be of the 'esoteric truths' rather than the mainstream blather, if you get my meaning.

The illuminoIDIOTS have wasted much of Humanity's potential as I see it. They went and socially engineered society to be so dualistically messed up, that you wonder why if not for some form of control.

I was thinking tonight at work, if we are part of the whole, and socially engineered society is fractured and damaged, then what does that say for their mentality? Order out of Chaos will more than likely NOT happen in this current state of affairs. Personally, I think they've all gone mad and think themselves gods, and want to re-create the world how they see it. [Think BBC special with Mikio Kaku, the Quantum Revolution] With nanotech and replicators, and immortality technology, it appears to be coming in the near future.

Be well bro! Great stuff in the comments just form a little Family Guy Jesus laugh! Love it!!
Glad you liked office jesus too, was hilarious!

Dedroidify said...

I lump those in with the NWO movement Michael, fortunately there is not that much entrainment to make people accept this bs - besides the news stories and a little fiction (and you take care of that, same like ben hehe ;p) - the microchip is my biggest problem in this field.

[btw - this is my (language) bs here but could you call me Ringo or dedroidify or something, cause "dedroid" in dutch means "the droid" lol! I wanna be the opposite hehe ;p]

Indeed, what does that say for their mentality, that they are willing to fuck up a planet and its population so much - I mean they live her too! - for some shit they wanna accomplish?
I'd add, there are many people who think they 'Amgod' (Dogma, they believe their beliefs are the only truth). There is a huuuge difference between a "Buddha" (if that is indeed attainable) and a dude who thinks he's a god hehe.

Re-create the world as they see it, I guess a world case scenario in that case would be the robot takeover lol. Cause they obviously are not very good at what they do all-round, or maybe they are cause I can't fathom how this election and its debates still can be taken seriously. (lol, not to mention the ones before it)

Hey Jesus, where did you get that muffin?

peace bro!

Michael Skaggs said...

Hmmm Ringo, nice "ring" to it, which synchs up with the Enochian "ring" I am investigating currently! Wow, did you nab that one out of the aethyr?

Microchips do tend to crop up every now and again, and they are getting better at marketing it by keeping tabs on the M-asses worries, i.e. Alzheimer's patients, missing kids, etc. so it begins to sound better all the time to them.

Indeed, they live here too! I am theorizing right now that these jackasses in charge somehow [and anything's possible but its just a theory mind you] unlocked a Watchtower experimenting with Enochian magic and allowed those malevolent spirits into their subconscious minds, and they have no idea what the hell they are doing. Or something to that effect.

I think, as you put it, mixing the news stories with fiction has become a tremendous problem, since they intend to blur the line between reality and fiction so much that nobody can discern it anymore.

How is humanity to evolve with such a socially engineered societal mess? I don't see a big leap coming anytime soon if these systems that have failed Humanity as a whole are not addressed and soon. I feel agendas speeding up but is that due to 2012 window [or is that fiction too?] or is it because time = thought, and there is much contemplating going on during this time? Or is "Office Jesus" getting tired of watching from the sidelines? LOL

All fun things to think about and play with. Believe me, I have not forgotten about Kurzweil and his many presidential awards and grants, this guy is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Hey Jesus, is there anymore coffee left?

Be well Ring-o!

Dedroidify said...

Don't you Enochian me buddy lol, the aethyr is wide open dude ;p For I is RingO, Lord of the Rings, the Ring (German) Stargate, the (forbidden) Apple (Japanese) and "Peace be with you" (Japanese, lol I discovered this yesterday, and I always say peace!)

Hmm it's interesting, so that would be an extradimensional type possession aspect from the times of Dee then.
[some others, since 'atlantis', since 1940s, etc] Someone really needs to make an encyclopedia of all the theories out there, fiction aside even, cause I can't see the forest through the trees.

lol @ office jesus and sidelines dude.

Yeah I don't trust Kurzweil at all either.

Playing with the theories is awesome, yet the scary thing is one might be true hehe. I have no idea wtf 2012 is about either, but I do feel a push towards something before it, all I wanna know is where is the escape button

Peace be with you!

Michael Skaggs said...

Hey Bro,

Yah, I know the Aethyr's are wide open, thank goodness or badness or maybe duality? F**ksakes to duality man, I have an idea of a much needed post to get it out of my system pertaining to duality, lets hope frustration doesn't kick in preventing it.

LOL yup, another extra-dimensional possession rather than it just being "stupid egotistical bad" men, go figure.

I hear you on a grand grimoire type encyclopedia with all this. I am ready to scratch the whole bunch and "create" my own. Was telling a friend the other day my thoughts on the old saying "Good things come to those who wait", which I said b.s. too, it should be "good things come to those who CREATE". Would explain much on society's demise, we aren't creating, we're re-hashing old stuff over and over again with a new label is all. Much like a post Wise Woman did that talked about our "modern times" then she showed an anagram of "dire moments" from it. Perhaps us playing with these theories are creating new ideas which might lead to new theories which is what we need--creation.

Bullocks to the whole idea of worrying about which theory is right, realizing this fractured consciousness as a whole is the scary part! LOL

I might go hang out with Office Jesus for a laugh, I so enjoy the poster I saw that said "Jesus is coming, look busy!"

Peace bro!

Dedroidify said...

Oh man

It does so much good to hear someone else's frustration about duality. This reality is some fucked up shit lol... Winner scripts and reprogramming to optimism is all fine, but I used to be a pessimist BEFORE I even knew about conspiracy research etc, I just knew something was very fucking wrong from the go. Then I find out it's a million times fucking worse, great!

I have to fight myself everyday "don't go bitching in a blogpost about reality, it'll just look terrible" ... I hope frustration DOES prevent me from posting it haha.

Somehow one wants something extradimensional to be involved right? One just doesn't wanna have it that we evolve so stupidly and selfishly (evolving from animals eating each other might not have been an excellent part of the "grand plan"). Though I try to appease my regular-men-is-bad reality tunnel to accept that reality too.

LOVE the Create quote! haha. Waiting sucks! Waiting costs intrest...

Indeed! Creation is important, this his-story repeating is just pissing me off.
LOL indeed about the fractured consciousness, thankfully at least a few hoomans are able to keep their head straight through all the bs and disinfo.

I wanna hang out with Craig, do you know Craig? ;p

Peace bro