Wednesday, October 15, 2008

James Arthur: Mushrooms and Mankind

Fascinating lecture on the potential of Entheogens (mushrooms, LSD, etc). How religion has obscured this. Government programs that tried to use entheogens (mushrooms: fail, LSD: worked...) for their trauma based Mind Control, goes into several projects including Artichoke and MK Ultra. The entheogenic symbolism of Christmas and Religion.

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Auberon Barnable said...

I found this extremely interesting and actually watched the whole thing. The hidden mushroom symbolism in nearly every modern religion (and especially the Christmas ritual) was pretty convincing and has encouraged me to do further research of the subject.

I wish he talked more about the actual psychedelic experience as related to psilocybin. He touched on it and made references to "the quickening" but it was mostly focused on the history of the mushroom which was still pretty great.

I would recommend watching this lecture in tandem with the first 1/3 of Zeitgeist as there are a lot of parallels.

Dedroidify said...

Hi Auberon

Have some interesting infromation for you. The first part of Zeitgeist, as stated before here, is an excerpt from the documentary/lecture Pharmacratic Inquisition, (part 2 of Zeitgeist is from "9/11 Loose Change", and part 3 from "America: From Freedom to Fascism")

There are two versions, an "online DVD version" of an hour, and a "lecture version" of 2 hours and both can be found here on my .com site:

More information about the actual psychedelic experience - of course I don't know what kind of previous knowledge you have - but check out the label "entheogens" on this blog. "Entheogen" is simply a more serious or respectable synonym for "Psychedelic" or the - to me - derogatory "Hallucinogenic".

Entheogen label:

The 8 Circuit Model:

Terence McKenna:

etc etc, if you need any more info just let me know!


Auberon Barnable said...

Thanks for the links; I'll definitely check them out. I'm actually a longtime reader of your blog but only recently stopped posting anonymously. I have read all of Terence's books and listened to all of his lectures and he's truly one of my icons.

The only psychedelic I've tried is Salvia Divinorum (due to its legality) and have used it several times. I believe it was what really opened my mind and led me to research the truth of 9/11 and the media misinformation conspiracy.

I don't really mind the term "hallucinogenic" as the etymology of "hallucinate" is to "wander the mind" and I don't confine the mind to the physical brian. 8) But I do use the other terms when referring to the experience with others as it has less demeaning connotations.

I light of everything going on politically, environmentally, etc. I have been able to maintain my optimism. This probably has a lot to do with McKenna's analogy of the earth as a placenta. We humans are burning our bridges, getting to a point of no return for some reason. I spend all of my free time trying to find this reason and help others do the same.

I've come a long way in just a few years and your site has helped immensely. You perform a great service for mankind and I can't thank you enough.

Dedroidify said...

Hey Auberon

Great that you've been here for a while. Oh well that's my fault about the posting anonymously cause I disabled it ;) Too much BS in the comments, you have no idea...

Cool never tried salvia before. It's interesting how associations shape our reality huh? I didn't know the etomology of Hallucinate thanks a lot, though I use entheogens more cause Hallucinate has a sort of negative connotation for the people who are not informed about them.

Great about the optimism man, still working to improve that myself.

The kudos is much appreciated :) That's why it's done, to share and help, and find the others too.

Thanks very much and all the best! Read you later I'm sure, ;)