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Researcher thinks he's found key that unlocks Egypt’s advanced scientific knowledge (update)

Researcher thinks he's found key that unlocks Egypt’s advanced scientific knowledge

Excerpt: Edward Nightingale of Upper Mount Bethel Township found that simple geometric shapes can plot the locations of the monuments on Giza plateau, and the mathematical relationships among these shapes suggest the ancient Egyptians had a far vaster knowledge of math and physics than ever imagined.

Nightingale expressed the proportions of the circles as 4, 3 and 2. The proportions were important, as they had other references in nature, Nightingale said. Among other things, 4-3-2 is the tuning of an "A" note in the musical scale of the ancients of that era. In music, the first three harmonics are produced at two, three and four times the original note's frequency.

If you square 432, you arrive at the speed of light in miles per second. And when you square the speed of light, you get the basic component of Einstein's theory of the relationship between energy and matter.

Abstract of Nightingale's paper

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." Albert Einstein

The geometry used in the layout of the Giza Plateau encompassing the nine pyramids, temples, causeways and Sphinx has been discovered. Based on the simple proportions of a circle, dividing the diameter by ¼, 1/3 and ½ then dividing these diameters and radii by factors of nine one is able to place and explain the geometrical reasons for proportion and placement of all elements. Assigning a factor of 1 to the Pyramid of Khafre, plotting out the geometry using AutoCAD in full scale, renders a circle diameter of 6,345 ft. or 1.2 miles. After plotting, then overlaying the geometry to aerial photographs and survey maps result in a near perfect match. The implications of this data will have an effect on many different areas of research and study. Musical proportions, sophisticated mathematics and a celestial clock may be found encoded in The Giza Template. If these studies are confirmed they should lead to a new approach to the Egyptian architectural and artistic accomplishment.

"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe." Nicola Tesla

Thanks Imagical Greek

update: Thanks to commenter Legion of Nimheil for letting us know that a lot of these concepts were covered in 'The Canon' by William Stirling. First published anonymously in London, Elkin Matthews. 1897!


The Secret Sun said...

Very interesting- now let's figure out where they got it...

Legion of Nimheil said...

A lot of this concept was already covered in a book called 'The Canon' written around 1905, in lots of detail.

Dedroidify said...

Oh. Can ya share the name of the author too?

Legion of Nimheil said...

The Canon by William Stirling

Whilst his text was mostly to do with Sacred Geometry in buildings, the concept is fairly well covered.

Dedroidify said...

Thanks, much appreciated.