Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Magical Egypt 8-part documentary

8 parts of the John Anthony West series Magical Egypt documentary are on youtube
Featuring Dr. Rick Strassman (DMT), Lon Milo DuQuette (Masonry and Lucid Dreaming), Robert Schochs (Geology and Geophysics Ph.D.) and also featuring the work of René Schwaller de Lubicz, which includes Ancient Egypt being well aware of the chakra system too, as they built the Temple of Luxor based on it.
The series can be a bit slow in parts, but is absolutely fascinating. Navigating the Afterlife is a must see episode, and its content can be compared to the Buddhist Bardo teachings.

What if they were right?
What if the afterlife was interactive?
What if your desires had gravity?
What if magic really worked?

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Michael Skaggs said...

Damn this post squeezed past me!

Glad its there, thanks for telling me I had been looking for this!

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