Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peter Joseph of Zeitgeist on Alex Jones

Peter Joseph[Zeitgeist Addendum] on The Alex Jones Show 1/4 & The Rest

Alex seriously overreacted to the proposed ideas in Zeitgeist Addendum in a paranoid way, check out the documentary Future By Design (and more, obviously) before judging Fresco's ideas entirely if ZA didn't convince you.

Listen to the interview first before reading on... Here are my remarks, obviously subjective preference is involved here, in my opinion the Venus Project is a vision of the future I really like and I don't mind defending it if criticism is so seemingly exaggerated. I just can't help but not vent something after listening to that:
Video 1: Just because Z.A. advocates environmentalism doesn't mean it's part of the damn Global Warming agenda. World unification is not world government. Who's gonna decide - obviously anyone with a brain is not gonna involve the ones in power now. And competition sucks, look at how "happy" the career whore is.
Video 2: Evil to me is born out of ignorance, philosophy 101. I wouldn't claim to know what happened with the crisis 100% for sure. Alex seems to be reaching a little to me.
Video 3: Excellent explanation by Peter Joseph. Excellent explanation of the NWO by Alex Jones from the top of his head, impressive. But lol, Alex wants to take back politics, geez. Representative democracy?! It's a contradiction in terms! It's based on BS! Free market will never get us great products, it's about money, so it'll only get great profits for some. Just like the Nazis? Project Paperclip? etc...
Video 4: 1. Genetics 2. Imprinting 3. Conditioning 4. Learning - Fresco admits he doesn't talk about Utopia, this vid is called "Jacque Fresco - No Utopia". Alex Jones really nullifies his own position here with that religious freak rant, wtf. I nearly laughed but couldn't out of bafflement. Though I did tag this with the Humor label...

The comments against Peter Joseph's docus seem to be either entirely subjective, religious, ignorant, completely ignoring of aspects of the Venus Project's philosophy, or just paranoid. Btw, the last 4 of those intermix. One dude asked me five questions, after saying he checked all the FBD clips, five questions that can be answered by those clips. Predictable. Sorry if I seem overly biased here myself, but honestly, ZA is just proposing ideas and doesn't deserve this overly paranoid treatment. And again I do understand some of the resistance as I personally found FBD a much better illustration of Jacque Fresco's ideas.

Interesting Comments received elsewhere:
"Alex Jones is pretty damn annoying at times (his voice and temper antics). He's also a contradiction, I mean, he expects everyone to wake up to the NWO, BUT he himself isn't prepared to wake up to the origins and awful truths associated with Christianity. You cannot be half awake and half asleep buddy! He fails because he can't transcend circuit 4." C

"Alex Jones is the mirror of Bill O'Reilly" KtR

Check out this Christian bullshit. An illustration in Confirmation Bias. Reaching as far as they can to find something to hammer on all points of the movie, and fail miserably. Guilty by the most distant "association" is the best they can come up with. Hilarious. Believing and thinking, huge difference. Of course, Christians can't have any solutions, things have to get crazy... cause otherwise Jesus won't have to come back, when is that again?

Occult Symbolism and the sum of it is not a religion, it is knowledge, there is a damn difference. You don't believe in knowledge, you just are aware of it and don't have an emotional attachment to it like a religion.
Theosophy or the New Age movement will never be the new religion. People underestimate the rigidity of Belief Systems. The conspiracy theories that attempt to explain how this will be done would never succeed. Also, slight problem, nobody except the New Agers or Theosophists respect the New Age (stupid and commercialized) or Theosophy (dumb rigid attempt to centralization). Krishnamurti broke from Theosophy. Also, small detail, the Christians want the New World Religion to be Christianity and nothing else. And the atheist/materialists would probably want it to be their belief system. Openminded!
Fresco's ideas are not freaking communism, and they do not involve the current dicks in power to execute it. So replacing the Wage Slavery with being able to Learn & Create/Express what we want and being rewarded for how much we contribute is seen as negative, incredible. You want to keep the Free Market Economy? Tell it to the people making so many Western products for scraps, you selfish assholes.
The people opposing Zeitgeist want to keep hierarchy, competition and poverty. Not only that but Alex Jones talks about "taking back politics", lol representative democracy is a contradiction in terms.
Being aware about the environment is not the same as pushing a Global Warming agenda, and world unification is not the same as world government - it would just mean evolving beyond armies, wars and international corruption.
Use some critical thought. Oh right sorry, I guess the anti-zeitgeist-paranoiacs are in the business of believing and not thinking.


Christopher Darren Horn said...

I thought Mr. Joseph tried to come off as intellectually superior and would up looking like a hypocritical moron.

Dedroidify said...

Hehe, according to me he didn't have to "try" at all to come off intellectually superior to Alex.

Though obviously he was irritated, if someone barked at me like Alex - I don't know how I would have reacted. But the constant language Alex was using like that just seemed like an O'Reilly tactic to draw out aggression from the guest, and PJ did well IMO.

Both guys are still human after all.

Peace nightghost

Dedroidify said...

Hehehe, excellent.

Thanks for dropping by Steve

l e a f said...

OML he is annoying... His constant manipulative interruptions, babbling tirades, that condescending little kid voice he uses to taunt Peter - ugh! He wanted an adversary not a 'guest' on his show. You don't treat guests that way.

BTW Anyone else notice the implications of the banner image he uses for the vid? Peter looking all shy and effeminate, Alex (behind him even) looks masculine, 'probing' and serious lol.

Dedroidify said...

Yeah leaf, to me that picture screams "taking myself way too seriously"

l e a f said...

More than that dedroidify, to me it seems to imply Alex's masculine dominance of Peter - not to use the word rape - but yeah, there it is.

I think Mr. Jones knows exactly how to manipulate imagery to speak directly to the audience's subconscious. To me it looks like he's almost forking Peter, as he looks down, ashamed. That's what I see anyway, maybe I'm weird.

Dedroidify said...

tis possible indeed leaf

maybe you are, I know I am, haha ;p


Unknown said...

Whenever I try to convince someone about 9/11 they always bring up Alex Jones and how ridiculous he is and insist that all my information could be traced back to him. In that respect I think he handicaps the truth movement almost as much as he helps it.

Dedroidify said...

Some friendly advice Cale:

Do not try to convince someone, make them question instead. This is seduction more than convincing, and seduction is appealing to the ego, convincing is threatening.

The Alex Jones argument can be deflected easily,

AJ being responsible for 9/11 theories is like saying "Bush is responsible for all the corruption by himself."

Name several websites like engineers and pilots for 9/11 truth.



Sovereign said...

Absolutely a lot of what is in ZA is truthful, thats because it all stands on the shoulders of other people's work, that movie is a flashy compilation in overly simplistic terms of what has already been stated by people like alex jones, alan watt, and movies like, the money masters and loose change.

i am not in any organized religion but i can see clearly that religions are being neutralized, in america we are being told to be afraid of "radical muslims" who "hate our freedoms" the truth is, those people are just being eliminated for a new system to come into being, and for that guy to sit there and sell the same plato's republic idea is very sad.

If you have to "re-educate" people away from where they are now so they will "be ready" for some new world, then he does not want peace.

what he wants is some other form of totalitarian religion and he does not even approach who is going to run it, we know it will be the "guardian class" when alex asked him if he believed in evil the first time he said "absolutely not" obviously, the man has not done his homework, evil does exist and so does good, its not a matter of degree or old religious terminology, his arguments sound so much like "do what thou wilt", i would have agreed with joseph a year ago, but i cant go with him knowing what i know now

what people dont understand about alex is that he still has hope, he is trying to save people, i know he has read the same things i have because of jokes he says that go over people's heads since they havent read all that boring stuff, and he has choosen to be christian, i have not, my first law is "know thyself" when you know yourself alex's belief is a beautiful flower full of excitement and vigour that i would paint a picture of, but i cannot be because its not me, its him and fine the way it is.

you need to try and go out and define for yourself, christianity, its core beliefs, its adherents and what type of people they will create, then the same for the other major religions, then you will discover the same thing I did, that there is another religion out there, that carries aspects of each one, and does everything to the contrary. this will involve you reading every holy text you can get your hands on, mahabarata, zen mind beginners mind, is very very helpful, then you will figure out what i mean. this is a morpheus type excercise so please caution

Dedroidify said...

Sorry Lady Caritas I call BS on about everything you said

PJ exposed religion through the occult symbolist corner stones it is built on.
Every major religion can be broken down this way, through astrotheology, entheogenic symbolism and archetypes.
It does NOT in any way mean creating a new religion. There is not a single hint at this, where some people get this I can only sigh about.

Mysticism or spirituality, or Alchemy - whatever you wanna call it - does not involve believing, but EXPERIENCING and learning from all views.
A "new look" on Spirituality is not a New World Religion, especially because it cannot be forced or dogmatic or it is not spirituality.

Religion is something to evolve beyond, because it is a belief system, and believing does not involve any thinking. Believing is "stupid", it is "blindly accepting". And neither zeitgeist movie hints at a new world religion, so try to re-think this.

Jacque Fresco is clear about this too, more conscious use of language and more flexibility in belief - I call to eradicate this wretched concept from the human mind. It is perfectly possible.

The message of this blog is "Evolve beyond Belief Systems" and Zeitgeist embodies that completely. Both movies, from start to finish.

What a lot of - mostly dogmatic religious or dogmatic materialist - conspiracy theorists BELIEVE is that a new religion is being forced, these people seem to totally ignore that the New Age belief system is RIDICULED not only by the religious, but the materialists AND the spiritual/mystics/occultists/alchemists... so how the hell do these people expect this belief system to be sold? Not with any of the silly theories already out there, I can assure you.

The new age belief system is just terribly dumbed down and comercialized perverted spirituality which the gullible "believe in" - while true spirituality/mysticism/alchemy is experimented with, and experienced, and does not require "belief".

They also don't seem to get that it's not that easy to destroy a religion. The Belief System is too rigid. It filters out anything that doesn't fit and confirms everything that does. In case someone hasn't noticed already, nobody is going to be able to conver the American Christians for instance, they're too closeminded for it. Sorry!

Evil to me seems to be born out of ignorance, this is philosophy 101. Like I said in the post, but of course, just ignore that... Evil is a human word and concept, it is silly to think it exists in and out of itself.

What people who say "Alex still has hope" don't understand is he doesn't show it, nearly ever, lol. And he intends to keep a hierarchical system, take back politics, and keep capitalism, yay great, so the world will be what, a little less corrupt. Wow, what lack of ambition.

"you need to try and go out and define for yourself, christianity, its core beliefs, its adherents and what type of people they will create, then the same for the other major religions, then you will discover the same thing I did, that there is another religion out there, that carries aspects of each one, and does everything to the contrary."

ROFL, I'm sorry but... you fail. What you describe as the "religion" one that carries aspects
of all the others, is not a religion at all. But simply occult (hidden) symbolism. If you need to call the sum of that a religion, religion is defined in some dictionaries as "a strong belief", how do you believe in occult symbolism? You are just aware of it.

Good luck on your path, how can people end up so confused...