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Star Wars: The Clone Wars ep2 Rising Malevolence

Synchromystic write-up for the series Clone Wars Episode 2 Rising Malevolence. The write-up on "Episode 1: AmBush" is here (read the intro if you don't know what's going on here). Synchromysticism on this blog means: Learning about the Esoteric, through the Exoteric. (Whatever excuse we can find in mainstream media and reality in general, to talk about the underlying or hidden realities, and expose possible positive and negative influences in media, put there consciously or not.) These are just possible interpretations.
Synopsis: Anakin and Ahsoka have to save Jedi Master Plo Koon and his clone troopers after the Separatist Army (Dooku & Grievous) uses their devastating new weapon.

Every episode starts with a "Jedi Fortune Cookie",
so far the first two were kinda bad:

Geez... are you a CONVICT of your beliefs?
It can be a matter of choice, just by choosing... heh.
(Divide & Conquer through beliefs.)

Count Dooku: Jam transmissions! (of the Republic's troops)
(confuse their language, obscure the truth, destroy their communication,
divide and conquer them through belief...)

The young Jedi Ahsoka was pressing to look for survivors to the Jedi Councel, who did not agree, a secret weapon the separatists have, has priority. But later Anakin goes on with the search for survivors anyway.

Ahsoka: So it's ok when you don't follow what the council says?
Anakin: Doing what the Jedi council says, that's one thing. How we go about doing it that's another. That's what I'm trying to teach you my young Padawan. (Restrictive "Freedom" for ya, as long as you're following orders)

Ahsoka: But that's what I said in the briefing room!?
Anakin: I know, but the way you said it was wrong. (learn your place, little one...) Hurry up, switch on the illuminator. (Hide shit? why should we hide shit? :p We're "illuminated")

Plo Koon: "When you ask for trouble,
you should not be surprised when it finds you."

later this general and Jedi 'Master' (yuck at calling anyone 'master') when facing certain death goes to face the enemy, "no retreat, no surrender", always a useful philosophy for your expendable troops...

There you go, a few droids destroy an escape pod's window and human crew members are vented into space, suffocating to their deaths. This is children's entertainment, mind you. (more like entrainment).

Ahsoka finds the fellow soldiers (soul-die-ers) in the nick of time.
(bit of a stretch, but funny: Asoko in Japanese: "there, over there")

Plo Koon: Sergeant, why are you so certain no one is coming?
Clone Trooper: We're just clones sir, we're meant to be expendable...
Plo Koon: Not to me. ("please believe this bullshit expendable soldiers, or the Illuminati are powerless" lol)

...And of course Anakin and Ahsoka just arrive...

The bad guys are called the "Separatists" (who don't want a NWO? :p), who are a False Flag division army à la Al Qaeda of Palpatine who is both the leader of the Republic and the Separatists... (and called "your Excellency" of all things) to create a false conflict (between Clones and Droids, and a lot of innocent victims...) out of which to go for an ultimate Power Grab. "Fiction."

Check out the Trinity of symbols near the third eye in all these characters:

Medical Droid.

Ahsoka and Plo Koon.
Creators of this show: Haha, we know about the third eye
and the common joe doesn't.

Suddenly, Dooku and Grievous appear in the star system and they have to power everything down in the ship to not be detected easily. Dammit! R2 the droid is still active, tss "droids"... always a nuisance... The Jedi "Masters" forget about the medical droid they saw A FEW MINUTES ago. Nice...

Suddenly the Medical Droid comes on the bridge: Is there a problem sir? May I be of assistance?
Anakin: No thanks just get in the back and take care of the clones.
Medical Droid: That is my programming sir...

Anakin: Come on we've gotta get outta here
Ahsoka: I know... I know... (*bangs head on desk for the whinification of Star Wars in the Prequels* :p Yes I know, Luke wanted to go to Tashi station to pick up some power converters, but hey hehe.)

Right after this Anakin again forgets something, that R2 is still switched off - to activate the hyperdrive, are these "aware" Jedi masters or a bunch of chumps?

An Ion Cannon, kind of Electromagnetic Pulse is fired. But they escape, barely.
Another great symbol of technology reflecting consciousness. By "disempowering the enemy" overall, you win. Can't think of another technology reflecting consciousness? How about the Internet and the Collective Unconscious?

At the end, a lesson in bureaucracy & hierarchy:

Plo Koon: Skywalker it is time to give our report to the council
Skywalker: Right... the council report, come on Ahsoka
Ahsoka: You want me there, I figured because of before...
Skywalker: Ahsoka, through it all you never gave up, you did a great job, but if I'm getting in trouble for this, you're gonna share some of the blame too. Huhu, so come on, let's go.
Ahsoka: Right beside you master. (good slave)

I saw a few of the following episodes and they're pretty good, not much symbolism found anymore.

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