Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Your search has taken you far and wide through-out cyberspace...
Your travels have been exhaustive...
You have left more than one search engine in a pile of smoking rubble...
Your quest... Wisdom. Inner substance.
A tool to help make sense of the modern world.
An artifact of heart and reason.
The data-stream wind is blowing up here...
Nestled atop a mountainous network core sits the digitized monastery.
As you reverently open the seemingly ancient gates,
you are subdued by the smell of incense...
Or is that burning circuitry?

"The Matrix that can be spoken of, is not the eternal Matrix.
The name Matrix is not its essence.
That which shall remain nameless was the genesis of Universe.
The so-called Matrix may be described as the network of all things.

So... rid yourself of desire in order to realize Universal mystery.
Allow yourself to have desire in order to experience Universal manifestation.
These two are essentially the same, but diverge in the naming.
Mystery upon Mystery... the gateway to Tek-Gnostics."

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