Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Camel Rides Again by Alan Chapman

"The Camel Rides Again: A Primer in Magick" by Alan Chapman is quite simply the best book on the subject I've ever read. The paperback can be acquired here cheaply or you can download the pdf for free.
In six short chapters and one appendix, this book strips down Magick to its barest essentials. To beginners, it offers a basic understanding of what Magick is and how it can be worked. To more advanced practitioners, it offers an exciting new perspective on the definition of Magick, and its relationship to personal enlightenment.
You can find Alan Chapman along with Duncan Barford at their blog The Baptist's Head: Bring on the Eschaton! Check out more written works from their self-publishing Heptarchia Press.

Update: New book "Advanced Magick for Beginners" announced today!
Thanks to Ian for posting it in the comments!


Emperor said...

I have been coming to dedroidify for quite a while. You have the ability to find the information that inspires, even in the darkest moments. I enjoy reading your own snychromysticism work as well ,thanks for being you!!

ian said...

Excellent timing on this. Alan's just officially announced that his new book is coming out. Today, no less.

Dedroidify said...

Heh, thanks for the update Ian, will add to the post!

Dedroidify said...

And thanks emperor for the encouragement!