Saturday, October 11, 2008

George Carlin - God vs. UFOs

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being said...

So, in my understanding, Carlin is clear and fair on his aproach. Anyway I would like to hear his understanding on other possibilities.

Considering God as the creator, He is, naturally, the creator of all forms of life in the universe. The aliens arrival can be true but also, as it has being speculated, an immense hoax. The UFOs seeing all over the world (I 'saw' two different types in my life) can also be man made. Why not?

If God is dead, as stated Nietzche or never existed as Osho said; still they´re not denying the flux of creation and life all around us. Personally I call it God.

And I can understand myself as responsible for my own life and forget about the ones who are in the 'control everything' mission.

Cant I?