Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Natural High: Healthier ways of activating the NeuroSomatic Circuit than Marijuana

Using the 8 Circuit Model, Marijuana activates the Fifth NeuroSomatic Circuit of Consciousness. The Mind-Body connection, the Hedonic self-engineered Bliss. Healthier and cheaper ways of activating this circuit instead of Marijuana are: The Second Wind Endorphin Rush from Running or Working Out, any kind of Meditation (Vipassana, Visualisation, Mantra, Guided, etc), Pranayama (Breathing exercises), Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga, Deep Musical Appreciation, Dancing, Verbal Fasting (Shutting up the Inner Dialogue), Hypnosis session/tape/mp3, Reiki, Sufi Whirling, Tantra, Sex Magick, Falling in Love, etc.
So much so that for instance a stable twice-daily (20 or 30 minutes) meditation practice will have your NeuroSomatic Circuit lit up so well that smoking a joint will barely affect you, besides making the body sweat and giving some clear signals you were better off without it.

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Harmful effects of Marijuana image

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tiecuando said...

I've found this helpful. I have no problem with cannabis per se, but it appears that not too many people know how to use it. Weed was more of an expedient way to 'meditate' for me anyway.