Monday, October 20, 2008

8 Circuits of Consciousness & OSI-Layers

The "8 Circuits of Consciousness model" is a heuristic model I include a lot on the blog, because I find it incredibly useful for navigating neurological space, aka consciousness, aka reality.

When still working in IT I had a job interview where I was asked if I knew the OSI-Layers Model. I did not, and learned it by heart. Of course, I never got asked about it again lol. I recently found out after 3 years of not thinking about it anymore I still knew it through my mnemonic. To me it fits quite well next to the 8 Circuits model. As it is an Open Systems Interconnection model, which basically means the inter-operating of "circuits". Same difference.

8 Circuits/Systems/Brains/States/Stages of Consciousness
1 Physical 2 Emotional 3 Rational 4 Social-Sexual
5 Neurosomatic 6 Neuroelectric 7 Neurogenetic 8 Cosmic

Note: The following will probably make no sense whatsoever if you're not familiar with the model already, but if ye were to read up on the 8 circuit model, it might provide some enlightenment later!

The OSI Layers are a model for computers network communication, and hilariously enough - I now realize with enough flexibility (maybe enormous flexibility) one can put them side by side if you consolidate circuit 7&8 into Application hehe.

The OSI Layers (Circuits)
1 Physical (Physical)
2 Datalink (Emotion link to data)
3 Network (Through Reason ;p A Network of Mental Maps)
4 Transport [Transport through Social realm - transfer between people,
Sexual Transport: transport is also a synonym for (sexual) Ecstasy or Rapture]

5 Session (Meditation session = Neurosomatic)
6 Presentation [Metaprogramming is (re-)Presenting the neuroelectric state]
7 Application (C7&8 the application of going DNA & Cosmic travelling)

Thanks for the lead Alex!

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