Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Michael Tsarion on Alex Jones

Michael Tsarion on Alex Jones part 1

here is the rest (2 interview series there)

(from the next post partly:) I don't trust anybody unconditionally. But I also realize that these researchers may be just humans in public life talking about heavy stuff, that is not easy. They could be disinfo too here for predictive programming... who knows (though that is a dark view indeed). These interviews are pretty good about the big picture, of course Tsarion can't talk about Christianity to Alex Jones but otherwise it's pretty ok. Alex talks about the fearmongering accusations too.
(That being said I don't agree with Alex Jones about Zeitgeist Addendum, which isn't discussed in this interview, and address this at the link provided.)


Ed said...

It was a good interview. I haven't seen Zeitgiest, so I don't know what the controversy is about. From listening to Alex's show the other day,he seems to say they are calling for a New World Order? I am a big fan of Alex, but sometimes he is reactionary, so I am going to withold judgment on this one till I get around to watching that particular opus.

Dedroidify said...

Hey Ed, love the comic book sync posts at Mercury's Garden!

Yeah good interview, though nothing much new.

They didn't call for a NWO at all, they call for global change and to evolve beyond the current politics and corruption, there is a big difference.

Why be a big "fan(atic)" of a researcher? That just sounds wrong in my ears. Glad to see you're witholding judgment.. ;)

Enjoy that docu, check out the Future By Design clips too before commenting back here in any case :p